[UK] Fun Battle: Army of Club Penguin Against Fire Warriors

Ascent, ‘Mission – ACP VS. FW’Hey there ACP, we logged onto Ascent Town today and had a fun battle against Fire Warriors. Our first room for warm ups were in Town, then we moved to the Stadium for our second room, then went to the Iceberg for our third room, and for our last and final room, we moved to Snow Forts. We had a good Max Size of 33! Our turn out was amazing with our good word tactics done from our Higher Command team. Good Job today, hopefully everyone had a good time!

Max Size: 33

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A Trip Down Memory Lane With Kyle

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Welcome to the first edition of the newest Monday column, A Trip Down Memory Lane! In this column, we will be asking various members of ACP about their favorite memory they’ve had during their time in the army. Our first edition will be featuring none other than Field General Kyle! What was his favorite memory?

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