Reviewing The McDonald’s Shamrock Shake

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BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Today, ACP Moderator and Shamrock Bulletin guest writer ShadowSaint reviews a popular St. Patrick’s Day treat in true ACP fashion.

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[AUS] Operation WRFT: Formations


Hey ACP!

We logged onto Ascent today for our Formations training as part of Operation: We Rise From This today. Congratulations ACP on hitting both the size goal and the formations challenge, earning a whopping total of 6 clovers for this event!

Soldier of the Day: AbudyGam3R#5378

Max: 47

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[SPEC OPS] Launch of Operation: Top Secret

Hola ACP!

Today, we logged onto Ascent, on CPRewritten to celebrate the official launch of Operation: We Rise From This, announced by CSY in this post, in preparation of the upcoming March Madness tournament. We practiced various formations and tactics, which we performed excellently. Time to win this tournament! #MMisOURS

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