[AUS] Operation WRFT: Formations


Hey ACP!

We logged onto Ascent today for our Formations training as part of Operation: We Rise From This today. Congratulations ACP on hitting both the size goal and the formations challenge, earning a whopping total of 6 clovers for this event!

Soldier of the Day: AbudyGam3R#5378

Max: 47




additional 45 size count with the room peng count



ACP Leader


4 Responses

  1. I was there!!

  2. i came, AUSIA STRONG!

  3. i camee

  4. […] commenced an hour after the announcement with a Spec Ops Training event. The same day, we held an Operation WRFT: Formations event. Friday’s WRFT: Speed Training event ended a week of heavy preparation with a fun tactic […]

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