Operation: We Rise From This

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin.

For far too long, we have been underdogs. Today, this changes.

ACP used to be the name of the dominant world power, a name of strength, valiance and respect.

Somehow, we have now become the punching bag of the community, our highs dismissed as flukes, our lows magnified as a mockery of the past.

Somehow, our intentions have been misconstrued time after time, false rhetorics painted to tarnish the very roots of the army – defending freedom and preserving justice.

Somehow, our kindness have been taken as weakness, as the army that never retaliates, as the army that always blindly forgives.

We have bowed down long enough, stayed silent, remained subservient. Yet, we have time after time proven that we are just as strong, just as good as everyone else.

We are consistent. In the last year, the Army of Club Penguin has shown immense consistency – being one of the only 3 armies to have reached the #1 spot on the weekly Top 10s, and being one of the only 2 armies to have remained in the top 5 throughout the entire year. 

We are strong. Last year was a year of records – breaking our CPPS record not just once, but twice in the FoF tournament in October 2020 – hitting a new peak of 116 soldiers online – just 10 shy of the winners of the tournament, the RPF. Not just that, we managed to break even our OG AUSIA record multiple times – the most notable being a record of 77 troops in December 2020. 

We stand for what is right. The Army of Club Penguin have come to multiple small armies’ aid, when they have asked us for help – allies such as CG, PZF, to name a few. We have not fought a lot, not because we were weak, but because we stand for what is right.

Yet somehow – people have time after time dismissed us, and our pride to the army.

Today, we launch Operation: We Rise From This

One year ago, in the CPAM Premier League tournament, we faced off against the Pizza Federation in a battle, where we won, but was penalized for our formations. This was where “We Rise From This” was first introduced – that we took everything thrown at us, to improve, and become better.

Fast forward to June 14th, LCX, where we faced off against the Ice Warriors and despite our best efforts, lost the battle. We Rise From This made a comeback – where we vowed to, if given the chance again, secure a victory.


And that is what we did. On October 25th, we faced the IW once again in FoF, where this time, we won.


March Madness – in an almost poetic way – completes the circle. We Rise From This began March last year, and we have, at many instances, proven others wrong, and proven our strength. This is the time to show once and for all, the power of the spirit of the ACP. March Madness – as the tournament of the clovers, is ours. 

Operation: We Rise From This is a call to every ACP,  past and present, to don your Roman Helmets loud and proud, and fight every battle as if it was your last. To be strong, valiant, and proud to represent the army. To be part in taking home the trophy we deserve.

Soldiers – it is time to unite.
It is time to take a stand.
It is time to show our strength.
It is time that we, rise from this.

I hope you’re ready, because I am.

We Rise From This

ACP Leader

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  1. LETS GO!


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