[SPEC OPS] Clover Defenders Squash Strawhats!

BATTLEGROUND, “Defense of Calgo’s Zoo vs. Strawhats” – Hey ACP! Today, the SPEC OPS division of the Army Of Club Penguin logged onto the server Battleground in CPAB to battle Strawhats and defend Calgo’s Cub Zoo. The Clover Defenders started off preparing in the Town, and heading to Stadium, Iceberg and Dock through out the Battle, to show the Strength of Clovers to Strawhats. Both of the armies had a marvelous battle, with ACP showcasing some dazzling tactics and formations, besides having a notable size benefit, reaching a maximum size of 12 penguins online for our first SPEC OPS event in a while, and successfully preserving Calgo’s Cub Zoo! Thanks to everyone who attended!

Max Size: 12

Note for CPA Staff: The max was 12, not 11 because one of our troops, GokuBlackACP, was accidentally wearing the Training Regiment tag which is a branch of ACP from our last event.

Remember to check out #⭐color-wars⭐ for our [AUSIA] Color Wars event and react if you can attend. Stay tuned for the biggest approaching tournament Legend XII and react in #❗legends-cup👑 if you can attend! ❤☘


ACP Brigadier General

Announcing Anniversary Week, Our Sweet 16!

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

MAMMOTH, Capital – We are happy to announce this year’s birthday celebrations as we celebrate the anniversary with a week filled with an array of fun community events!

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[AUSIA/SPEC OPS] The Clovers Welcome Back Spec Ops Events

ASCENT, “Spec Ops Revival”  – Hello, ACP! Today, the members of the Army of Club Penguin logged on the server Ascent in CPRewritten for a Spec Ops event! For this event we had 6 penguins online, we started in the town, then we went to the iceberg and we finished the event at the ski lodge to play find four! It was good to see another Spec Ops event after a while 💜 now here are some pictures of the event! ♡

Max size: 6

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[AUSIA] ACP Spec Ops Carries Out ‘Mission: You’ll Float Too’

Hey there, ACP!

Today, the Clover Penguins CPR Air Force took to the skies of Zipline with our newest aircraft innovation, the Orange Balloons! We floated around the island doing a plethora of things, before ending with a Hide and Seek.

Max: 26

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[SPEC OPS] Launch of Operation: Top Secret

Hola ACP!

Today, we logged onto Ascent, on CPRewritten to celebrate the official launch of Operation: We Rise From This, announced by CSY in this post, in preparation of the upcoming March Madness tournament. We practiced various formations and tactics, which we performed excellently. Time to win this tournament! #MMisOURS

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[Spec Ops/AUSIA] The Big Dig – Results!

Today, the Army of CP organized a SPEC-OPS / AUSIA event which was a amazing event where we wore our mining helmet and started digging for coins. It started at Town where we gathered all the miners and went from Iceberg to the mine and collected coins! It was a fun event and hope you guys enjoyed! Continue reading

[AUSIA/SPEC OPS] Civilian Takeover – Results!

Hey there ACP!

We had another CRAZY Spec Ops Division event today, starting off with a conga line in the Town followed by a quick detour to the Snow Forts. The next segment of the event saw a race from the Cove to the Beach and then the final room was the Beacon.

Max: 40

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[AUSIA/SPEC OPS] Paint Party – Results!

Hey ACP!

Today, we had a wonderful Spec Ops AUSIA Divison with a fun Paint Party on Ascent, CP Rewritten! We went around the island causing chaos, as the even evolved between a paint party, a race, a snowball fight, a soccer match, and finally a mining expedition! We managed to muster a size of 34 troops online.

Max: 34

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