[AUSIA/SPEC OPS] Civilian Takeover – Results!

Hey there ACP!

We had another CRAZY Spec Ops Division event today, starting off with a conga line in the Town followed by a quick detour to the Snow Forts. The next segment of the event saw a race from the Cove to the Beach and then the final room was the Beacon.

Max: 40

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[AUSIA/SPEC OPS] Paint Party – Results!

Hey ACP!

Today, we had a wonderful Spec Ops AUSIA Divison with a fun Paint Party on Ascent, CP Rewritten! We went around the island causing chaos, as the even evolved between a paint party, a race, a snowball fight, a soccer match, and finally a mining expedition! We managed to muster a size of 34 troops online.

Max: 34

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