[USA] ACP Invades Sub Zero: The Finishing Blow

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

WARZONE, “War on SWAT: Invasion of Sub Zero”— On December 28th, 2022, The most recent battle in the ACP-SWAT conflict occurred. In an effort to defeat Special Weapons and Tactics, the Circus Alliance, comprised of four armies, invaded Sub Zero from SWAT’s clutches. In preparation for an invasion, the US division assembled in the town. The whole battle was led by Commander-In-Chief, Calgocubs and Division Commander/General, Ethan. A voice chat was led primarily by DV leader Krosive, who narrated tactics and room changes for the collective troops, to which over 20+ joined and listened.

The battle commenced at 8:00pm EST at the Iceberg, where the Circus Alliance entered first and quickly began bombing the whole room. Calgocubs commanded to form an Upside Down V formation and swiftly exchanged emote and word tactics. General, Ethan instructed the alliance to take up a Backwards L formation, also rapidly overtaking SWAT. At 8:08pm EST, Judges announced that the battle must be paused due to an unexpected raid on SWAT’s Discord server and later on, was announced that the battle would be restarted at 8:35pm EST. While the troops were waiting, Ethan kept them all engaged by having ACP play an intense game of Simon Says.

The battle again commenced at 8:35pm EST at the Inside Mine, where the Circus Alliance quickly entered first and bombed the whole room. Commander-In-Chief, Calgocubs instructed to form an Upside Down T formation where the alliance utterly dominated SWAT. The Invasion ended with a V formation, where the alliance excelled both in size and tactically giving SWAT no chance of victory. As SWAT failed to max over 10 penguins, the judges deemed ACP as the victors of the battle giving us control of Sub Zero. ACP peaked sizes of 25, the size picture was taken by Advisor Mchappy.

Max Size: 25

Max Size Picture:

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