On This Day In 2014: April 8th

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

MAMMOTH, Shamrock Bulletin HQ – Welcome to today’s post! We will be talking about what happened on this day in 2014. Right now, we are at war with the Dark Vikings, and the army community is filled with different content being released and different incidents of drama, but was this the case in 2014?

Club Penguin Army Central was an organization in the original army community, much like Club Penguin Armies in terms of the content that it produces. However, quite a few things happened on this day in 2014. The first thing to be released was a post regarding the Army Rebublic. The army had been through both good and hardships. AR is most known for being a historic army led by the VinDaily duo (Burrito Daily and Vinny).

The Vindaily leadership is known for winning World War VI, spearheading the White Alliance, and defeating the Black Alliance in 2013. This leadership was legendary in its own right for helping this army to new levels, from maxing 20+ to maxing 41+ in invasions and to maxing 50+ in the Legends Cup Redemption Round against Chaos. They have been known for their innovative and successful leadership methods, making the army one to remember.

AR in the Redemption Round against Chaos

However, in 2014 there were many questions about the army’s future as it started dropping in size and in the Top Tens. They struggled for consistency, and the released post made that clear as it stated the army had been away from the top 5 for a considerable amount of time. Despite that, their future was up in the air, with both good and bad questions being asked (when considering their future). However, the future was bleak as the army was shut down before the end of the month. Even though CPAC’s post pointed out the army’s flaws of late, nobody could have seen this coming.

The next thing to come out was CPAC’s first-ever Spring Smackdown tournament. Hoping to bring a new annual tournament to the table, Zakster announced that the first Spring Smackdown would be taking place and would feature 20 armies. They had high hopes of making the tournament an annual one. However, it is yet to be seen within the CPPS era of armies, which can only lead us to believe that they were unsuccessful in their goals. Nevertheless, they were able to pull off this new tournament which saw many major and minor armies battle it out to try and win the trophy. Who won this tournament? Stay tuned, and you may just find out!

Next on the list is the Nations of Domination vs. New Regime Alliance war. However, the post on the war was announcing the war. In fact, the war had already ended in treaties. However, the writer questioned these forgotten treaties as armies within these alliances declared war against others within these 2 alliances. For example, ACP declared on the Doritos of Club Penguin. The post questioned the validity of these wars with the treaties in mind. However, army warfare was random but fun for most armies. Most issues were sorted on the battlefield, which is exactly what these armies aimed to do. Do you think they were right to settle any issues on CP, or should they have obeyed the treaty?

DCP vs. the Rebel Penguin Federation during their war

Lastly, a philosophical post was created and published, quickly exploring Club Penguin Army politics, such as treaties. The arguments were formed based on opinions from the comments section of CPAC (on posts). However, they were rather short and without depth. Despite this, it provided some thought-provoking arguments about the politics of CPA and why we may or may not need them. One key argument was that politics makes things interesting and puts more on the line for armies and troops fighting to win, as dancing around as a penguin can become boring for older audiences. They asked some community members if they understood the politics of armies, and 3/5 said they didn’t really understand them. The writer questioned whether or not army politics should still be in place despite no one understanding what they are and why they exist, as they take time away from us as we aim to grasp an understanding of what army politics are and we, as members, aim to express opinions and declarations about some of these political aspects. While doing so, however, members can get sucked into the heat of the moment, spending even more time arguing and trying to express their opinion.

That said, April 8 was a busy day with many different posts coming out. The type of posts varied. However, the content they provided was both important and educational as they gave readers an insight into some aspects of the community or situations they may have been unaware of. Do you think army politics are pointless? Do you think we should keep making treaties? Should Spring Smackdown get a CPPS-era revival? Did CPAC predict AR’s future?

Let us know if you want to see more posts like this or posts on any of the arguments discussed, such as army politics.

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


ACP Field Marshal & Shamrock Bulletin Editor

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