ACP Weekly Recap #2 — [26 February–4 March, 2023]

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters — Hey there ACP! Welcome back to another Weekly Recap, once again hosted by me, MaddieCW3! Let’s dive into what happened this week. Read on to find out more.


The logo for the Recruiter of the Week logo. "Recruiter" is written in all-caps green letters, with "Of The Week" in white cursive letters underneath. On the right side is a silver trophy of a penguin wearing a variation of the ACP uniform.

The Recruiter of the Week for this week, with an astounding THREE new recruits and TWO Club Penguin Battleground account activations, is our newest Higher Command member, AOL! I reached out to him for comment about his achievement and recent promotion to HCOM, and he imparted these words of wisdom upon me:Well said! Congratulations again AOL! If you’re interested in joining our Recruiting Force, message a staff member and we will get you all set up!


A three-dimensional yellow star with a green border. It is facing slightly to the left.

The tenth-ever Soldier of the Week for ACP is none other than our beloved Caisha! I recruited her recently and am so happy that I did. She mentions in her speech that she is now hooked on ACP and can’t get enough of it! [Agreed!]. Caisha was also promoted this week to Staff Sergeant, and I can’t wait to continue to see her grow. To read her full speech, click here. Fun fact, she was actually part of an army back in 2018 called The Acids. Their color was also green, so it is fitting that Caisha found her way to ACP.

Thank you Caisha for being an amazing new troop, welcoming fellow new troops, creating amazing fan art, and bringing such good vibes! I can’t wait to see you continue to progress in your ACP journey!


This week saw the beginnings of a new friendship with Napalm Corps, led by cabin. When reached out to for comment, cabin said,

I have respected the Army of Club Penguin for a long time and I am honored to form an allyship with them. The army has a deep history and an amazing team, hence I am beyond grateful for this opportunity. The Napalm Corps will support the Army of Club Penguin in any way when necessary.

ACP is always excited to welcome and work with new allies, and we can’t wait to see this relationship continue to grow and mutually benefit both armies. If your army is interested in allying with us, reach out to Calgo to begin negotiations.


On Friday at 3pm EST, the Army of Club Penguin logged on to Fort Azure to practice entering rooms in preparation for March Madness. While the beginning of the event was rudely interrupted by another army, the rest of the event was successful and troops were able to quickly enter rooms armed with joke bombs and various formations. We used this event to add to the DRACP, successfully invading the Freeland of Fort Azure to grow our empire.

To read more, check out the event post here.


On Saturday, March 4, ACP troops logged on to Snowy River to have a practice battle with SWAT in preparation for March Madness! Moderators Mcdonalds and me, MaddieCW3, led the event over voice chat while AOL, Alemax, and Austin called out tactics in our main chat. Everyone had a blast and did an amazing job, and we were able to add Snowy River to the DRACP. Read more about this event here.

Missed out on our battle with SWAT? Keep an eye on our server for more upcoming events, and make sure to attend March Madness this Sunday!


March Madness is this coming Sunday (March 12) at 3pm EST! We will be battling the Water Vikings in the first round, and it is likely that many ACP legends and former leaders will be returning for this amazing battle. Make sure to react to this message if you can come! Hope to see you there.


While the Army of Club Penguin primarily focuses on hosting Club Penguin events, on our break days we love to play other games, especially Roblox. I reached out to the main host of these events, Major General Mcdonalds, for an interview.

MaddieCW3: Do you have any comment about ACP‘s Roblox Division? Since you are the Roblox King.

Mcdonalds: I love my funky little robloxians :]] I’m proud of everyone that’s logged on and attended our roblox events, and to everyone that joined the group!! they’re like my own little r6 army troops. they’re the best and I want to give every single one of them a lil badge (but calgo is stingy)

MaddieCW3: What is your favourite Roblox game?

Mcdonalds: Outlaster (the roblox version of the TV show Survivor) has been super fun to play with troops, and even Calgo!! it was also nice to see everyone enjoy Plates of Fate so much, it makes me giddy to see people happy with the events :]]

MaddieCW3: Anything else you’d like to add?

Mcdonalds: everyone [who has] attended the roblox events is majorly appreciated!! I love connecting with the troops and being able to introduce them to fun games outside of CPAB, especially when we get to represent our army on a large platform

Agreed! I never played Roblox before joining ACP and now thoroughly enjoy logging on, even if I am still very much a noob. Interested in playing with us? Myself, Mcdonalds, and Rarity will be hosting a Roblox event Monday, March 6 at 8pm EST. Hope to see you there!

Make sure to join the ACP Roblox group to hang out with your fellow troops. Sign up here. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to a staff member. 


This month saw a few promotions amongst active troops, with can, cAt_ and Destiny- earning promotions to Sergeant along with DeeP earning a promotion to Staff Sergeant as a result of their hard work attending events. I’ve reached out to them for comment, and DeeP had this to say:


Agreed! Congratulations to all of our Clover Promotion recipients. If you’re interested in also getting a promotion, keep an eye out for a promotion post that’s sent out every month, and make sure to attend events to earn clovers which can be exchanged for promotions!


February saw a flurry of events across the DRACP‘s empire, leading to many valuable troops attending events and growing in their journey as hard-working troops. This month saw four troops be promoted for their hard work: AOL, Alemax, MaddieCW3, and Caisha. AOL is the newest HCOM member with the rank of General, Alemax has been promoted to Lieutenant General, I am now a Major General, and Caisha is our newest Staff Sergeant.

Alemax said that his newest promotion is motivating him to work hard to earn a spot on the HCOM team, and I believe that he may soon be our newest HCOM member! I know that I feel the same way. This is an exciting period of growth for ACP and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!


ACP has hired archiebcfc as a new member of our Staff Team! He retired from the Ice Warriors as Fourth in Command after climbing up the ranks, and has been active in the Club Penguin Army community for over two years. Archie will be helping with our UK division as the newest Brigadier General.

This week also saw the re-hiring of Shane, a longtime member of ACP, Bronze Medal Recipient, and CEO of Dominos. He has been hired back to the staff team as Second in Command. When reached out to regarding his return, Shane simply said “I am the arm,” hopes to achieve “consolidation” as a returning member of ACP‘s HCOM, and when pressed for further comment as to what he meant by consolidation, he said to simply ask a friend or neighbor and promptly left the conversation. ACP Shamrock reporters are confused, but regardless we are excited to welcome back Shane.

Former veteran sirp has also answered ACP‘s call to arms and returned to the staff team as a Brigadier General! A long-time ACP veteran and an actual enlisted member of the US military, we are honored and excited to welcome him to the staff team as a Brigadier General.

If you’re interested in joining the amazing staff of ACP and want to help us dominate in March Madness, fill out this form.


Everyone in the army community, whether they’re from the original Club Penguin Army era or the rebirth of armies in the Club Penguin Private Server Army era, has likely heard of Oagal. Called the father of Club Penguin Armies, he founded ACP on September 29, 2006, setting an example for the hundreds of armies to follow. Recently he has found his way back to ACP, hopping on the server and chatting with all troops on occasion. Oagal, being the creator of ACP, also has taken an affinity to posting announcements for everyone to see, whether it is a fun tidbit or getting troops excited for upcoming events. This week Oagal posted about fighting for the Water Vikings and against the Rebel Penguin Federation, both current armies in the CPPS Army era.
However, not even Oagal is perfect, as resident historian McHappy corrected him. It turns out Oagal fought for the Watex Warriors, an army I had never heard of until this week. The Club Penguin Army Wiki has compiled the known history of the Watex Warriors here. Regardless, Oagal called upon his troops to fight valiantly against RPF and WV, a call to arms that everyone should be excited to answer to. He also included this song which should be on everyone’s hype playlist for this week.


Superhero123, the admin of CPA Battleground, is looking to add more jokes to the in-game Joke command! To help in his endeavor, Mcdonalds, an ACP Major General, is hosting a joke contest. For more information and to enter, check out the #Joke Competition thread.


Green chess pieces
The first week of ACP‘s Clover Gambit Clash chess tournament has ended! There have been lots of exciting chess matches, and moving on to the Quarterfinals are Alemax, DeeP, Destiny-, Karan, Action, Kailey, Monstah, and Rarity! We can’t wait to see the action and surprises sure to be brought with Round Two.


This week Calgo published a reflection on the past six months as ACP leader, reaching out to former leaders for their comments, any advice they had for him, what they wish they did differently during their time as leader, and what makes a successful leader. I found the post to be highly insightful and encourage everyone to read it. We can always learn a thing or two from our predecessors. Here is the link to the post.


On a relatively quiet evening, chaos erupted in ACP as Martial Law was declared by the newly formed “Council of Frauds,” as seen in this post sent by Calgo. The members of this shadowy group consist of Calgo, Alu, AOL, Austin, and Shane — essentially the entirety of ACP‘s Higher Command. When reached out to for comment, I was referred to Alu for more information by Austin. Alu had even less to say, simply sending this GIF. I then reached out to Shane, a new hire to HCOM, and did not get a reply longer than six words.

MaddieCW3: Hey there! I’m writing ACP’s weekly recap post and wanted to ask a few questions about the new Council of Fraud. Do you have any comment?
Shane: i am king fraud
M: How will the council avoid detection from the IRS and other tax enforcement agencies?
S: being king fraud

Still seeking answers, I reached out to AOL and got a bit more information. He initially referred me to Calgo‘s announcement, but then dived in deeper.

MaddieCW3: What inspired you to create this new council?
AOL: King Fraud
M: How will the council avoid being caught by the IRS and other tax enforcement organisations?
AOL: <this GIF>
M: Anything else you’d like to say?
AOL: Frauds Together, Family Forever

Hoping to get even more information, I also reached out to Calgo. He simply said this:

The Council of Fraud shall give no comments as of today due to recent ongoing investigations by the greedy IRS. I plead the 5th.

With all of this secrecy, and since one of the founding members, Calgo, is the proud owner of the American Calgo Bank, tensions are high in the army community’s economy, with the Club Penguin Stock Exchange (CPSE) showing a 20% value drop in ACP stock, along with 5% drops in both Help Force and SWAT stocks (since it is rumored that new branches will be opening in their empires soon). The CPSE is closed for trading for the weekend, so keep your eyes open on Monday for any future drops in ACP stock — it might be a good time to sell.

That’s all for this week folks. It was definitely a fun and exciting week to be in ACP. If you have any questions about anything, don’t hesitate to reach out to a staff member or drop a comment on this post.


ACP Major General & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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