[FEB 2023] Promotions!


Here are this month’s promos for February!! I hope you all enjoy finally seeing our historic ACP Ranks Promotions post revived! I’m interested in your feedback on how we can improve this going forward into the coming months. Should we keep this post exclusive to only promotions related to monthly promotions or should we include promotions that occurred throughout the month?  I’d love to see more interaction with our monthly promotion posts going forward, so I hope this helps.  Hopefully, we got everyone!

If I missed you for some reason (it’s bound to happen), please tell me in a comment on this post:

  1. Discord Tag
  2. CPAB Username (Or the one on the ranks)
  3. Current Rank
  4. Activity Level (from a scale of 1 to 10 – be honest!)
  5. Why do you believe you deserve a promo?

**BOLD = Promoted**
Italicized = Demoted

Army of Club Penguin Ranks

Red = USA/CA |Blue = UK/EUR || Purple = AUSIA

Commander in Chief

2ic Field Marshal2ic
AOL | Alucard | AustinFraud
 LieutenantGeneral  Lieutenant General  LieutenantGeneral
Major General
Mads | McDonalds | Action

Brigadier General


Requires 50 Clovers
Dantsamurai | Hamood | JoshACP | Mariantt | Marquis | SuperK64 | Koboroxo | GokuBlackACP
First Lieutenant
Requires 40 Clovers
Celestilune | KevinDA1708 | Snowy23340 | TaterTrocks | algapa | karannn029 | Lettucy
Second Lieutenant
Requires 40 Clovers
 Sergeant Major
Requires 40 Clovers
Master Sergeant
Requires 40 Clovers
KikiKat | Rainczech | SimonkeyACP | Docter69ACP | Page.Eight | ZHXAI
Staff Sergeant
Requires 40 Clovers
Brads6 | TheYeeter001 | Annaconda | nuub
Requires 40 Clovers
alexkiki1 | BoMoBuddy | Brandon x_x | can123 | DeeP | fesh_0559 | Jabbathegrea | Solevvv | Bigbonny2013 | Caisha | Sano
You can achieve this rank by creating a Club Penguin Army Battleground account before your first event then attending said event!
AJplaysCPA | BBArroyo | Cactuslord | ProBacon200 | ROBEE | rocketsquid1 | Selvenity | The_Living_D | trans_boi | Woody8700 | Zangetsu | _blank_ | LanaBunn | Pablo8 | Torutu | WEBEBORD2479 | Flanxiyum | geneysis | kio_cyr | Leiblue8586 | theneev | Ur_Master122
 Lance Corporal
This will be your rank after you create your own account! To rank up, simply attend your first event!
This will be your rank when you first join the army! To rank up to Lance Corporal, simply make your own Club Penguin Army Battleground account!


CSY, Cubster, Kailey310, Koloway, Mchappy, Robot



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