Polling Station: ACP 2022 Feedback – Results!

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Good morning ACP! Today I welcome you back from our Shamrock Bulletin hiatus with a juicy Polling Station pertaining to our performance last year in 2022 and feedback from six of our members. Not only will we be covering the results, but also my response as the Commander in Chief to YOUR feedback!

Year of 2022 Feedback

My Response:

First, can I just say that I am overjoyed that more than half of our participants rated their experience with ACP as a 3 or above despite all our setbacks and lows this year, since I know we had quite a few. My hope is that going into this year we can make ACP a more welcoming experience for everyone to enjoy and even further meet new friends who are like family to us! Change may be slow, but I promise that we will make strides toward progress and hopefully next year we can get a lot more 5/5 ratings.

I totally agree with the first response as we could definitely use a lot more scheduled Break Day events on our off days to keep our community more engaged. Going forward we will be trying our best to have break day events scheduled out in advance including more movie nights!

I’m glad to hear that you want to see us continue on the path towards an upward trend! Its honestly awesome to see all our hard work paying off as of recent and I’m hoping we can continue that trend going forward. As for the other responses, OofManJr. should get in contact with me if he’d like to make a return. Kyle I know you want to be rehired and that is something that we would need to discuss further, but I can assure you that I have not ruled anything out.

Leadership Feedback

My Response:

In terms of the polling responses I am honored to be given a majority of ratings between 4-5! My hope as your leader is that I can continue to serve you and represent your best interests this year.

Its a relief to see that a majority of you think that my current leadership style has been satisfying your needs! I completely agree we definitely could use more Roblox events and we will be making more of an effort this year to host Roblox events on our Break Days such as Outlaster, horror games, etc. Kyle I know you are upset about us relieving you of your duties, but it was inevitable due to the circumstances. I will take ownership though that I definitely could have done a better job communicating to you my needs during your time in our staff team.

The second response is an excellent question! The landscape of the army community as of recent has been in turmoil with the lack of a stable community based CPPS to host events on. Everyday the community is shifting in terms of the armies we face and the rules that govern our battles so we must be able to adapt and grow if we intend to survive. I will say that I am a huge supporter of the S/M community as a past leader of a S/M army myself and I welcome all new startup and returning armies to the community with open arms! Foreign relations in these times can be quite the tricky task, but I am always open to starting new relations and alliances with armies that show us goodwill. On the other hand, I will not stand by and let armies trash the reputation of our army and anyone who attempts to pick a fight us will be met with nothing less than total annihilation.

What happened to oofman? I honestly don’t know, but maybe we should investigate …

Kyle, you being rehired is totally up to you and your capability to have a positive mindset within the team and your plans for what you wish to accomplish. I believe people can change, but that ball is in your court to decide.

HCOM Feedback

My Response:

Wow! Five of the six responses rated our HCOM a 5/5 despite our HCOM team being almost non-existent this past year! Hoping we can continue this trend into this year as we focus on growing the talent and diversity within our HCOM team.

While I would love to turn ACP into solely a Roblox focused server, Club Penguin will always remain our central and main focus to carry on the tradition that was started in 2006 and give future troops the chance to get the club penguin army experience. That isn’t to say we can’t have more Roblox break day events though! I’ll let my moderators know that you want more!

Staff Team Feedback

My Response:

While the results are a little more spread out this time, its still great to see mostly positive results! It makes me feel great knowing that some of you have had fantastic experiences with our staff team as a whole.

The mod/IRL balance is something we try to make as managable as possible for anyone aspiring to become a mod. Generally speaking mods have only a few required responsibilities such as hitting weekly recruiting minimums and attending events which we keep thorough track of through logs while the rest of the responsibilities fall on our HCOM team. That being said moderators also have other responsibilities that aren’t necessarily required but can increase their chances of a promotion such as hosting break day events, hosting RF events, doing DM react lists and hyping chat leading up to events, and doing event posts. Generally we try to be as flexible with our moderator team as possible which is why each moderator is assigned a HCOM mentor upon their hiring to ensure that their transition and time in the staff team is as smooth as possible. In terms of balancing the position of staff with irl, its solely up to the staff member to be able to be proactive and stay on top of their work. We will give you the tools to succeed but its ultimately up to you and how motivated you are to contribute to something bigger than yourself. We also are flexible depending on emergency situations and approve On Leave requests on a case by case basis depending on the situation.

Other Feedback

My Response:

GREEN TOGETHER FAMILY FOREVER! One step at a time we will rebuild this great community of ours and make ACP a family oriented army again.

I completely agree! More events this year is a priority for us and we will be continuing reassessing our events schedule each week to consider increasing our events so long as we can mitigate our troop burnout! A war would be fantastic and our team has been evaluating the potential of another war in the near future so stay tuned!


Kyle reach out to me and we can start a discussion regarding your future at ACP.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of “Polling Station”! Make sure to check the #the-shamrock-bulletin channel in our Discord server for our upcoming columns & articles!

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


ACP 49th Commander in Chief & DRACP President

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