[AUSIA] Battle VS Bose DK

ASCENT, ‘Battle vs DK’ – Hello ACP! Today, we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten and went into Ascent Town to do some warm ups. After we did warm ups, we headed to Ice Berg and did an amazing job getting there fast! Bose DK only had a few troops as we covered them and had good formations and had a huge advantage over them. For our last room, we headed over to the Docks. Formations were amazing and since there were only 3 of them left, their slow tactics were no match to ours. After the battle, Roxy gave us rooms and who ever was the fastest to get to that room, got clovers at the end of the event! Comment down below if you came!

Max Size: 14

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[UK] Practice Battle vs Secret Service

ASCENT, “Practice Battle vs Secret Service”: Hello ACP! Today the UK division logged onto CPRewritten for a Practice Battle vs Secret Service. We started our warm-ups in the Town. After that, we moved to the Docks where we executed our tactics organized and fast. Then we moved to the Iceberg and continued to do very well with our tactics and covering space with our word bubbles. During this event, we reached a maximum size of 20 troops!

Maximum Size-20

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