[US] A Clover Roll Around the Island

Zipline, ‘Mission: Rollin’ Around’Hey there ACP! We logged on today into Zipline Town. We did a fun event where we threw on our skating shoes and did some tactics in town, then did a fun race starting from Ski Hill all the way to Cave Mine! Then, they had us race starting from Cave Mine to finish at Ski Lodge Attic! To top off the whole event, we did a typing race to see who was the fastest typer. Congratulations to Caramel (Co-ordinator) for winning the typing race and Congratulations to Shadow (Co-ordinator) and Stevos (Field General) for winning the CPR races! Hope everyone had a great time at the event! Hope to see you all next time.

Max Size: 22

Don’t forget also that we will be having a LEGENDS CUP: ROUND ONE BATTLE tomorrow!! Can’t wait to see you all!


Master General

3 Responses

  1. I came ASFAU89TU90AS123123T23234Y34UÄÖ34Y34ÖY34¨LPY34YKLP34Y23JKOTY123I´012312Y12 ❤

  2. I came, aahahhdsahdasdhsahdhsadha IM FASFST BOIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!


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