[US] Clovers Dig All Around the Island

ASCENT, “Operation: Emerald Excavation” – Greetings ACP! Today the Clover Penguins logged on to Ascent on CP Rewritten for our Operation: Emerald Excavation event. At this event we were all dressed in our mining gear and went around the island on various digging projects which resulted in us not only achieving a max of 24 troops, but also we were able to come out a little richer due to our stop at the mine! Thank you to all who attended!
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[EUSIA] Clover Defenders Face The Blue Squadron In A Friendly Battle


ASCENT, “Battle: Green Squadron” Hello there, ACP! On June 12th, our Clover Empire’s EUSIA division logged on the server Ascent in CPRewrriten with the Training Division of our brother allies, the Help Force’s Blue Squadron, for a fun battle where we reached a maximum size of 28 penguins online! For this battle we did many excellent green and blue tactics and wonderful formations. Thanks to the amazing soldiers that attended, everyone did a great job this day and I hope you enjoyed it!

Max: 28

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