Top Ten Armies [5/16/21-5/22/21]

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – The penultimate rankings of May witnessed a reshuffle in the top three and a new army break straight into the top five.

♦ 1. Help Force [85.78] [+0]

 2. Ice Warriors [81.78] [+2] *

↓ 3. Rebel Penguin Federation [76.59] [-1] *

↓ 4. Army of Club Penguin [73.01] [-1]

[NEW!] 5. Skids of Club Penguin [52.90]

 6. Silver Empire [52.48] [+2]

♦ 7. Doritos of Club Penguin [52.33] [+0]

↓ 8. Water Vikings [50.03] [-2]

 9. Templars [44.90] [-4]

↓ 10. Special Weapons and Tactics [36.75] [-1]

↓ 11. Magma Clan [33.34] [-1]

♦ 12. People’s Imperial Confederation [28.40] [+0]

 13. Fire Warriors [28.00] [-1]

↓ 14. Red Ravagers [24.24] [-1]

15. Golden Troops [17.37] [-1]

[NEW!] 16. Sidie’s Rangers [13.00]

Click here for the calculations.

  • The highest event maximum for the week was achieved by the Ice Warriors: they peaked at 66 penguins in a ‘Hide and Seek’ themed event.
  • The Rebel Penguin Federation held the most events this week – a total of 9.
  • The Templars had the largest fall this week, dropping 4 position and out of the top five.
  • The Skids were the only army to host more AUSIA events than UK/US – 6 in comparison to just 2.

CP Rewritten Rule Breakages

1. The Ice Warriors logged onto the 3-bar server Zipline on May 18th.

2. The Silver Empire logged onto the 2-bar server Zipline on May 18th.

3. The Water Vikings logged onto the 2-bar server Zipline on May 19th and May 20th.

4. The Rebel Penguin Federation logged the 3-bar server Zipline on May 21st.

The Ice Warriors and Rebel Penguin Federation have been deducted 1 point each.

1. Help ForceThe Help Force kicked off their recent week with an event boasting the greatest stamp expedition (of all time), maxing 51. Following that, they peaked at a size of 33 for an AUSIA battle of flags between the Red Ravagers. Their next event was a USA event, seeing 35 Helpers dress in formal, detective attire while tracking down the “trinity.” They continued their week with an EU defense battle against the Templars, maxing 60 along the way. On Thursday, they commenced their coffee event, seeing 41 troops in attendance. To conclude their week, the Help Force held an European branch battle, mining event, and an EU Wild West event. They peaked at 40, 60, and 47 respectively, bringing their activities to a nice finish.

2. Ice WarriorsThe Ice Warriors started off their week with an AUSIA mining event that saw a max of 51. Following that, on the same day, they held a mountain expedition resulting in 47 people in attendance at the European event. Next up, they held a hide and seek game for all to participate in. Together, they achieved a size of 66. The day after, they tossed some pizzas at the Pizza Parlor, peaking at 49. Following that, their next event was an AUSIA battle against the Red Ravagers. They maxed 43 at against the ravaging ravagers. To conclude their week, the Ice Warriors joined their ally, SWAT, for an enjoyable battle and recorded a combined size of around 41.

3. Rebel Penguin FederationThe Rebels held a total of 9 events this week. Starting off with Operation Flex Zone, which had 41 troops in attendance. Following this, they put on their aprons and got to work, with 30 troops ready to work. Later the same day, they went undercover with 41 spies in attendance. Next, they grabbed their kites and balloons, prepared to fly to the main peaking at 41 adventurers online. The following day they went to dive under the sea in their mermaid costumes, maxing at 38 mermaids. An EU event was then held, operation throwback Thursday, where they traveled back in time seeing a height of 50 rebels online. A fashion show was then held and 45 rebels showed up with their best prehistoric outfits, prepared to win. Their second to last event of the week was a special event where they formed an asteroid belt, maxing 44. Finally, to finish off the week they held a capture the flag event between their two divisions, with 49 troops online.

4. Army of Club PenguinThe Army of Club Penguin had quite a busy week with a grand total of 7 events. To start the week off, they invaded Summit, with a total of 41 troops showing up. Next, a training event was held to sharpen their tactics and formations for the ongoing war, where 38 soldiers showed up to train. Following up, they put the previous training to use and successfully defended their capital against the Doritos, peaking at 50. After the successful defense, the clovers once more took to the offensive and invaded Slushy, maxing 35 troops. A celebratory event was held commemorating one year of the Training Regiment, with 30 people showing up for this auspicious occasion. They then threw it back with a back to the past event, with 39 time travellers in attendance. Finally, to finish the week off, they defended Brumby against the Doritos, seeing a peak of 32 soldiers on.

5. Skids of Club PenguinThe Skids join the community with an almost unbelievable placing and total of eight events. Their first three events featured an ‘Operation Blackout’ theme, achieving sizes of 25, 17 and 18 at each. This was followed by a ‘Black to Blue’ event with peak of 24 penguins. ‘Operation: Lion’ then saw 24 penguins in attendance, and was continued by a max-17 UK training, max-22 AUSIA training and their final ‘Return of the Eagle’ event with 19 present.

6. Silver EmpireThe Silver Empire held a total of seven events this week, their first being a treasure hunt with a max of 25. Next, 25 silvers participated in an exciting hide and seek game. On Wednesday, the army held an AUSIA hydro hopper tournament with 21 troops in attendance. Their next event was a battle against the People’s Imperial Confederation with 23 online. Rounding out the end of the week, the Silvers held a friendly practice battle and played games against the Water Vikings with a max of 23. An empire of pro gamers, the next day they had an AUSIA tournament for Pizzatron3000 where 24 showed up. Lastly, the empire came together with a max of 25 to end the week taking pictures to make memories.

7. Doritos of Club PenguinThe Doritos held four events this week, all of which were battles in their war with the Army of CP. The first, a UK Defense of Summit, witnessed 36 soldiers in attendance. This was proceeded by a UK Invasion of Mammoth, with a size of 40 penguins present. Next, the US Defense of Slushy had 18 soldiers participating. They finished with an AUSIA Invasion of Brumby with a 15 penguin maximum.

8. Water VikingsA busy week for the Water Vikings witnessed seven events hosted. The first was an AUSIA Roller Disco Party with 25 in attendance. This was followed by a US division ‘Spy Takeover’ and peak size of 17. An EU ‘Explorer Takeover’ and ‘Football Tournament’ saw sizes of 26 and 24, before a ‘Finding Four’ event with the Silver Empire witnessed 15 penguins attend. An AUSIA battle against the Fire Warriors saw a peak of 23, and finally an EU Asteroid Takeover reached 18 online.

9. TemplarsThe Templars had a quiet week, holding only four events in total – however they also had some spark with a war against the Magma Clan this week. They kicked off with the first battle of this war, peaking at a size of 25. Next they battled against the Help Force and reached a size of 21 members online. Following this, another war battle against the Magma Clan took place, this time reaching a max of 30. The week was ended with another practice battle, this time against both SWAT and the Ice Warriors. They achieved a total of 25 logged on for this battle.

10. Special Weapons and Tactics: The Special Weapons and Tactics had a total of four events this week. They began with a ‘War Training’ and size of 26, before hosting a second war training with a peak of 22 penguins. A practice battle with the Ice Warriors witnessed 25 in attendance, and finally a third training saw 20 in participation.

Where did YOUR army place in this week’s Top Ten Armies? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!

Top Ten Calculations Team

Max, FatChicken88, LuciferStar

Top Ten Writing Committee

ActionSpark, Mchappy, FatChicken88, Max

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