Dilemma Decisions: Fusion and Spotty

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Welcome to the first feature of Dilemma Decisions, hosted by your very own Colonel Action. In this column, we’ll be asking various people what they would do in certain dilemmas, hence the name. Today we’ll be looking at two of our Field Generals, Fusion and Spotty. What will their answer be?

We asked both of them the following question:

What would you do if you were Second-in-Command, and your leader deserted in the middle of a war?

Field General Fusion joined the Army of Club Penguin in early February. His experience in the Clover army may be short, but his experience of armies is not, having held a Higher Command position in the Ice Warriors. He answered the following:

I would make the rest of the HCOM aware of the situation, and then I would work with my fellow HCOM to make sure we can go about the rest of the war in the most efficient way possible. I would make sure we were all prepared to take over with leading a war in case anything like that were to happen. CPA really brings some unexpected things, and I am the type of person who wants to be prepared for anything.

Field General Spotty also joined the Clovers recently about a month ago. Like Fusion, Spotty has also had much experience in the army community, leading armies such as the Dark Warriors and the Help Force. When asked the same question, her response was the following:

I would call a meeting and update the staff on the unexpected situation, I would then make plans with the current team and focus on winning the war and then after the war was over I would then find out why the leader deserted.

Both Fusion and Spotty have had experience with Higher Command positions in armies, and their experience shows in their responses. They would both act cool-headed and focus on winning the war. Fusion would be prepared for this situation, while Spotty would attempt to find out why the leader left when they did. Who will we feature in the next column? What will their Dilemma be? 

What would YOU do in this situation? Leave your answers in the comments down below!


ACP Colonel & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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  1. great post action! 😀 very excited for this column!

  2. Great column Action! Can’t wait to read more!

  3. Amazing answers! This column is so good, great job Action!

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