[US] Clover Games Tournament Results!


Wagwan ACP!

Today our Garrison division logged on for a fun Clover Games Tournament. We did several tactics and formations to kick things off then proceeded to play many mini games like dance contest, find four, cart surfer and hydro hopper! We all had fun fr fr. This event was led by our General’s, Kailey and Daniel. Big shoutout to them for hosting. 

Also a big congratulations to the following: Belencita, Mariantt, Spotty and ShadowSaint on winning the Clover Games Tournament!!! 

Max: 46





That is all – be sure to react in #events if you can come to our future events. Love.



Temp Commander in Chief



8 Responses

  1. GGs all around! Thanks for the shout-out!

  2. This event was amazing! I had a lot of fun, congratulations to the winners! ❤

  3. yayy ❤

  4. Awesome event!

  5. I came! had lots of fun hosting, hope everyone liked it 😀 ❤

  6. ACP Forever woohoo

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