[UK/US] ACPSIS Mission: The Stale Nacho – Results!

Hola, ACP!

Today, our Secret Intelligence Service logged onto Ascent, on CPRewritten after receiving an emergency call of a Nacho spy, hidden within our ranks. The ACPSIS was in charge of finding clues, to uncover this “Stale” Nacho. We started at the Everyday Phoning Facility receiving a trivia question on our phones, which the answer was the password to a post, containing the next clue within it. Having the answer been found, we headed over to Max’s igloo, where the next clue was revealed. The Dojo was enlighting answer to this one. We finished off with an array of emotes, where Field Marshal Max revealed who this “stale” Nacho’s indentity was…

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CPRewritten: Treasure Chest Pin

BLIZZARD. Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – The next pin, the Treasure Chest Pin, has been added to the CPR island! Join us to see the pin and its location!

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Protected: ACPSIS Mission: CLASSIFIED

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Learning From Legends: 34th Leader Mrtchy

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – In this weekly column, we visit various legends from the community and pay them a penny for their thoughts. As we set out on our quest to uncover the wisdom of legends, what will we discover in this latest edition?

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[US] Games Tournament with Silver Empire – Results!

Hello ACP!

Today our US division logged on to Ascent, CPRewritten for our Games Tournament with Silver Empire event! After having a short practice battle with the Silver Empire for 10 minutes, we played Connect Four and Cart Surfer next for 10 minutes each. Here are our winners:

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