[US] Games Tournament with Silver Empire – Results!

Hello ACP!

Today our US division logged on to Ascent, CPRewritten for our Games Tournament with Silver Empire event! After having a short practice battle with the Silver Empire for 10 minutes, we played Connect Four and Cart Surfer next for 10 minutes each. Here are our winners:

Overall Winners:

Find Four: Ryan, Beep

Cart Surfer: Hstergirl

ACP Winners:

Find Four: Kailey, Caramel

Cart Surfer: Daniel, Rarity

Congratulations to all Games Tournament Champions!

Max: 27

Thank you to everyone who attended! Be sure to check out #events for our next events and react in #battle-schedule for our huge branch battle against the Help Force on Friday 2pm EST. Don’t forget to react in #event-chat and leave a comment down below if you came!


ACP Lieutenant General

3 Responses

  1. I CAME AND holy lord my phone couldnt handle this battle

  2. Congrats to all the winners!

  3. I came! congrats to the winners and GG SE! 😀

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