[UK] Battle of No Return vs. Recon Federation Results!

Salutations ACP!

Wow – what a performance from the Army of CP UK division today! Our brave soldiers of the D.R.A.C.P logged onto the slopes of Ascent and took a fantastic fight to the Recon Federation, battling in the Docks, Lighthouse and Ice Berg. A total of 48 ACP soldiers were noted in this battle led by Cubby, Max and Daniel. Our formations, tactics and movements were clean and crisp, and we managed to secure ourselves a 3-0 victory! We now look ahead to the March Madness tournament which begins in just two weeks. #MarchMadnessIsOurs

MAX – 48

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[Spec Ops/AUSIA] The Big Dig – Results!

Today, the Army of CP organized a SPEC-OPS / AUSIA event which was a amazing event where we wore our mining helmet and started digging for coins. It started at Town where we gathered all the miners and went from Iceberg to the mine and collected coins! It was a fun event and hope you guys enjoyed! Continue reading