ACP Weekly Recap #1 — [19-25 February, 2023]

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters — Hey there ACP! Welcome back to another Weekly Recap, this time hosted by me, MaddieCW3! Let’s dive into what happened this week. Read on to find out more.


The logo for the Recruiter of the Week logo. "Recruiter" is written in all-caps green letters, with "Of The Week" in white cursive letters underneath. On the right side is a silver trophy of a penguin wearing a variation of the ACP uniform.

The Recruiter of the Week for this week, with an astounding NINE new recruits and TWO Club Penguin Battleground account activations, is moi, MaddieCW3! I stayed up all night DM-ing potential new members, and have been so excited to see them flourish and enjoy our amazing army. My tips for folks who want to help grow our community is to not give up, even if half of the people you reach out to either don’t reply or accuse you of being a bot. It’s also a great way to get desensitized to rejection, preparing you for when no one swipes right on your Tinder profile.

If you’re interested in joining our Recruiting Force, message a staff member and we will get you all set up!


A three-dimensional yellow star with a green border. It is facing slightly to the left.

The ninth ever Soldier of the Week for ACP is none other than our beloved cAt_ (aka RAIDeN_)! As a newer troop with the rank of Corporal, she was chosen because she always helps get troops excited for our events and has been a great asset to the Democratic Republic of ACP (DRACP). In her acceptance speech, cAt_ thanked everyone who has supported her, especially BlossomBel, and mentioned how “active and heartwarming” ACP has been. To read her full speech, click here.

Thank you cAt_ for being an amazing troop and continuing to spread happiness and positivity in our server! I can’t wait to see you continue to grow in your leadership skills and be an asset (and friend) to all of our amazing troops!


An orange four-leaf clover with the words "Team Delta" on top of it. Team is in all caps and white, while "Delta" is in orange. There is an ACP penguin in the background on the clover.

Earlier this week, the Army of Club Penguin received a distress call from the inhabitants from Aurora, a (previous) freeland server in Club Penguin. The citizens were being terrorized by an orange puffle named Plok. We called our Delta division to arms and logged on Wednesday at 9am EST. Plok proved to be no match for our brave Delta warriors, quickly fleeing to the far reaches of the Box Dimension. ACP successfully added Aurora to the DRACP and remain committed to protecting all of our lands from Plok.

It was also fitting that the day of the event was the thirteenth anniversary of the orange puffle being teased for release by the Club Penguin team.

To read more, check out the event post here.


A screenshot of ACP battling TCP in the Mine. ACP is in an upside-down V formation doing an ACP Dab emote tactic while TCP is in an upside down T formation doing a smiling emote tactic.On Thursday at 8pm EST, the Army of Club Penguin logged on to Ascent to have a practice battle with the Templars. Both armies brought their best, and ACP also successfully invaded more freeland. We had a lot of fun and look forward to having another practice battle with the Templars soon!

To read more, check out the event post here.


This Friday, ACP logged on to the freeland Dominos to revive the Pizza Federation, a legendary Small/Medium army, to add to our DRACP. We donned the Pizza Apron and Chef’s Hat in game and began tossing some delicious Pizza Dough. After making one too many pizzas, ACP troops finished the invasion but stayed online for a Pizzatron 3000 contest. It was a close game, but Agalpa, a First Lieutenant, took the cake and was crowned our new Pizzatron Champion! When approached about their amazing pizza-baking ability, he said,

Blossom Bell did a better score but just a few minutes too late so it was quite close (also our scores were not attainable in normal mode you had to click on the lever in the menu to put the game in candy mode)

Congratulations again to Agalpa for winning our contest! Stay tuned for more fun competitions. To read the full event recap, check out this post.


We love our allies, Help Force, almost as much as we love stealing their coconuts (consensually). On Saturday we logged on at 3pm EST to have a practice battle with them. ACP and Help Force exchanged lots of fun banter and emote tactics, and troops had a wonderful time. We reached out to Jo, a Help Force Admiral for his thoughts on the event:

First they steal Hot Chocolate and now they are stealing our coconuts. This is unacceptable. Expect a declaration of war to arrive within the next 20 years

Well Jo, we look forward to it! Thank you Help Force for being our brother allies! We love you more than you love coconuts.


As the month of March approaches, so does one of the most anticipated tournaments in the army community: March Madness. Modelled after the basketball tournament of the same name, armies can sign up to be entered into a bracket and face off against other armies. ACP will have our first battle Sunday, March 12, at 3pm EST against the Water Vikings. It is rumoured that ACP legends will also be in attendance, so make sure to react to the announcement in #march-madness to be reminded to attend! This event is sure to be a sight to see.


ACP has hired Rarity808 as a new member of our Staff Team! She has been part of ACP since 2020, and has already proven to be a hardworking member of our team. Rarity has been welcoming new recruits and asking great questions in the first few days as a staff member. If you see them around, make sure to give her a warm welcome! When reached out to for comment, Rarity said,

I am super excited to be hired to join the staff team. Ever since I first joined, I loved how kind and welcoming the staff team was and always imagined being apart of the staff team family.

Well said! We are excited to have you as well! If you’re interested in joining the amazing staff of ACP and want to help us dominate in March Madness, fill out this form.


ACP reached a historic milestone this week, formally enlisting the 300th member of ACP! This milestone was achieved by AOL, a Lieutenant General on ACP‘s Staff Team. When approached to talk about how he achieved this historic milestone, AOL simply said,

Calgo wanted the 300th so I got it, I asked you want to be the 300th? They said yes

AOL also encourages other troops to enlist if you haven’t already! We are so close to reaching 500 enlisted troops. If you are a Private in ACP, by creating an account on Club Penguin Army Battleground you will be promoted to Lance Corporal. For more information, check out the #sign-up-help channel.


An ACP troop places a Roman Helmet on a new ACP recruit, officially welcoming them to ACP. The troop is smiling while the recruit appears to be very excited.

A new troop in ACP, Caisha, created an amazing fan art which is now being used as a sticker in our server! She said she was inspired by how excited she was to join ACP and how grateful she is for her experience. We are so thankful for YOU, Caisha, and thank you for your dedication and kindness!

Are you also an artist? Submit any fan art you make to #acp-fan-art and you might see it featured in our server!


Superhero123, the admin of CPA Battleground, is looking to add more jokes to the in-game Joke command! To help in his endeavor, Mcdonalds, an ACP Staff member, is hosting a joke contest. For more information and to enter, check out the #Joke Competition thread.


Green chess pieces

A recent activity that has taken the ACP server by storm is Chess. You can often find troops battling it out over the (virtual) chess board in the main voice chat, and now any troop has the chance to compete in the first ever ACP Chess tournament! I reached out to Austin, one of the HCOM hosts of the event, for comment.

This is ACP’s first ever chess tournament, so we are really intrigued to see who comes out on top. So far, the number of participants looks promising! Do not hesitate to sign up for the tournament, you can either DM me to signup or comment on the post! I enlight you to give chess a try, you will never know how good you will be.

This is sure to be an exciting tournament! If you are interested in competing, comment on this post to sign up.


Discord's mascot, Wumpus, in 3D form. He is wearing a white helmet and jetpack.This week saw an influx of winners of Nitro Basic monthly membership giveaways! We thank our fearless leader, Calgo, for funding these giveaways. The winners this week were: !Yeeter (attended the Invasion of Bam event), Lirri (attended our Battle vs. Water Vikings), and Torutu (attended our Battle vs. Ice Warriors). Congratulations to all!

Want to be entered to win one of these giveaways? Attend an event that’s held on CPA Battleground, and if we reach 20+ penguins online all attendees will be entered to win a Nitro basic monthly membership! Encourage your fellow troops to come as well — the more penguins online, the more likely it is that there will be more than one Nitro membership given away.


Our beloved leader, Calgo, has announced that he is now a banker after funding too many Discord Nitro giveaways, Robux giveaways, Help Force‘s server, and more. When asked about the opening of ACB (American Calgo Bank), Calgo exclaimed,

The goal of the ACB is to give back to the community through our philanthropic efforts and we will soon be extending loans to other armies depending on their credit score on a need basis. We will rebuild armies one brick at a time!

He also unveiled the new logo, and announced plans to open more branches across the Democratic Republic of the Army of Club Penguin (DRACP), with expansions into other army territories coming soon. Word on the street is that the first international branch will open in Zipline, Help Force‘s capitol, followed by Parka, the capitol of SWAT.


ACP loves to have fun, and we often add silly emotes and stickers to our server. One sticker went too far, and hurt the feelings of the person whomst it was meant to poke light-hearted fun at. Calgo apologised personally, and the sticker was removed from the server. Users who have the sticker saved are encouraged to delete it from any other servers or screenshots. The Army of Club Penguin is meant to be a welcoming place for all, and we fell short of that and apologise profusely to those that the graphic hurt.

That’s all for this week folks. It was definitely a fun and exciting week to be in ACP. If you have any questions about anything, don’t hesitate to reach out to a staff member or drop a comment on this post.


ACP Brigadier General & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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