[AUSIA] Band of Brothers: Clover Force’s Second Anniversary

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

BATTLEGROUND, “Brotherhood Anniversary”– Salutations Soldiers! On Thursday, January 12th, the Clovers logged onto Club Penguin Battleground to commemorate the 2 year anniversary with our brothers-in-arms, Help Force. Here is the post from 2 years ago announcing HF as our brother-in-arms. Although we missed the actual anniversary date due to being caught up in a war with SWAT in December known as the Troubled Allies War, we still managed to make up for it! We wore our Dazzling Blue Top Hats to honor the Help Force’s signature clothing while they wore our Roman Helmets. Commander-in-Chief, Calgocubs took command of the event working with fellow Help Force Leaders ROOBOO and Pavle to do combined tactics. We stood at Iceberg for the entirety of the event where we met our brother-in-arms, Help Force, and combined our formations and tactics with them expressing how much we love them. We ended the event with a classic snowball fight and partied by dancing with the Helpers. We were able to reach a peak of 13 soldiers. A big shoutout to Help Force for making this event fun, We love you guys!


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