[AUSIA] Back to XAT Days!


WARZONE, “Color Wars Event” – Hey ACP! Today, the AUSIA division of Army Of Club Penguin logged onto the server Warzone in CPAB for a Color War between Echo and Alpha to celebrate Army Of Club Penguin’s 16th Anniversary. The Event was conducted through our old Communication Source “XAT”, and was held in the rooms Town and Stadium; through out which the Clover Defenders had a lot of fun; doing a lots of stunning and astonishing tactics and formations; where our Former Leaders (CSY, Cubster, Koloway, Max, Mchappy) came out to support us and celebrate ACP’s 16th Anniversary! We were able to reach a maximum size of 23 penguins online. Thanks to everyone who attended, and happy 16th Anniversary to each of our brave troops and veterans!

Max size: 23

Remember to check out #❗legends-cup👑 and react if you can attend our most important event! Hope you enjoyed the event.  ♥ ☘


ACP Brigadier General

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