A Look into ACP: One Month Since I Joined!

MAMMOTH, Shamrock Bulletin HQ – Howdy, ACP! Today in this article I, a new member of the Army of Club Penguin, will be looking and talking about my experience in ACP so far. I have joined about one month ago and have had the GREATEST experience.

Staff of the ACP has been very nice and helpful from my experience. They answer every questions, help with issues, and make sure that their members have the best stay here at ACP! The community is very kind too! You can talk about any topic to them, you can maybe become friends with some of the people in ACP since they have overall around 9,000 members in their Discord.

Something appealing that I realized is that the ACP is “Clover” themed. They function around clovers which I really like a lot. Their army uniform on CPA Battleground is green, the Discord icon is green, etc.

The Clover themed army also puts a lot of effort in making events almost daily. The events in the community are very fun and exciting. They are usually based around themes and are always different. You can gain ranks and clovers by attending them!

A battle event I attended on August 20

This community has been very fun and interesting for the time I was there. I have joined about more than a month ago and I honestly find it AMAZING! I attended a few events and tried to help ACP as much as I can. One of my favorite events was the celebration for Calgocub21 of being the new Commander in Chief. I found it very entertaining since we had a lot of fun, the vibe was great and overall very well made. I find ACP very organized and well setup, the people that work here are fantastic.

Since we are at it, how was YOUR experience at in the Army of Club Penguin so far?


ACP Corporal

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