Shamrock Bulletin Exclusive Interview With Legoman (CP Forever Administrator)

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

ICE BREAKER, New Territory – Last week the Shamrock Bulletin had a chance to have an exclusive interview with one of the administrators on a new browser based Club Penguin private server. Continuing this feature, the Shamrock Bulletin reached out to a member of the army community at large and his association with another browsed based private server called Club Penguin Forever.


A candid shot of the Town during the end of CP Forever’s alpha testing.

Club Penguin Forever launched early May 2022. Word quickly spread and it has already become one of the most popular browser based private servers of the few available. Familiar faces are seen on their team in the form of former CP Rewritten moderator Jempenguin and army leader Legoman. Since another army leader is apart of its administration, the Shamrock Bulletin jumped at an opportunity to talk with Legoman. He joined armies in March 2020 and since went on led multiple armies. According to the private server’s Discord server, Legoman’s roles at CPF include administration and design.

Are armies allowed to use CPF for events?

Yes! CPF is completely compatible with armies. In the future we plan to establish a code interface and even specific army servers. I personally have already begun designing custom items for [armies].

Does CPF log any personal information? Is that information hidden from the admins?

When you sign up for CPF an email is requested. We do not use email verification, but we do use the email to verify when a person requests a password reset. Emails are the full extent of the personal information that is logged.

What would happen if someone were to break CPF rules (via means of botting), how would the banning process work? Does banning them require you to view their IP or does it stay encrypted 100% of the time?

The interface itself has specific code to detect and prevent botting, not utilizing the IP at all. We use an anti-botting solution called hCaptcha.

Do moderators have direct connection to the game’s database or is it only admins?

Moderators have a specific in-game interface allowing them to ban users, add coins, etc. This mod interface is also utilized by admins meaning only the developers themselves have access to the database.

Are there features in place to make it hard for people to log onto multiple accounts at one time?

Not currently but in the near future we plan to add restrictions to restrain users to one account per browser.

Is there a filter preventing use of swearing, harassment, etc.?

Yes, anything vulgar or remotely sexual is filtered from the game. We worked with our team to filter swears in other languages as well to reduce bypassing. We also have a moderation team that is constantly present in game to read into context and prevent inappropriate behavior.

Compared to CP Legacy, CP Forever seemingly does not rely on viewing IPs in order to perform moderating duties. However, it should be noted that if a person were to sign up for this private server that they should continue to use an email that does not contain personal information. On May 21st, 2022, CPF held its first sponsored army event that saw upwards to 40 people participating. The private server has yet to implement a multi-logging detection system. Controversy stirred up as CP Army HQ re-introduced a point deduction system in the latest Top Ten for potential CPF events as they have in the past for Yukon based events.

For now it remains to be seen if CPF will continue to grow in popularity and allow more armies onto their servers. As of right now, the Army of Club Penguin intends to continue using Club Penguin Army Battleground as scheduled.

Comment below your opinion on CPPS Discords pinging for army events!

Keep those snowballs coming,


ACP Guardian

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