Shamrock Bulletin Exclusive Interview With Hash (CP Legacy Administrator)

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

ICE BREAKER, New Territory – Since the shut down of Club Penguin Rewritten, many new browser based private servers have popped up. One of them being Club Penguin Legacy. They opened their servers on May 7th with a beta party. There has been a lot of discussion going on throughout the Club Penguin community as a whole about this particular private server. Therefore, the Shamrock Bulletin reached out to a few of their administrations to ask some questions regarding the safety of their private server. As of right now, the only acceptable server used is Club Penguin Army Battleground. Will it stay that way?

If the name Hash sounds familiar to you it is probably because it is. Following the collapse of Club Penguin Online, they made their rounds in the community helping support some of the ex-communicated CPO staff. They attempted to make their own private server but ultimately it did not go anywhere due to the amount of traffic CPR was receiving in light of their competitor’s shut down and internal drama. Ultimately, Hash has laid low for a while appearing here and there on private server Discords. They are not only an administrator but also a developer of CPL.

Are armies allowed to use CPL for events?

At the moment, I would say no because we only have one server. Unless it’s not in the way and in a very empty room. Once we are able to add more servers, I would say that is not an issue.

Does CPL log any personal information? Is that information hidden from the admins?

Passwords are not displayed in text [and] are encrypted. We cannot see your passwords.

What would happen if someone were to break CPL rules (via means of botting), how would the banning process work? Does banning them require you to view their IP or does it stay encrypted 100% of the time?

IPs are hidden only for admins to see for security reasons [by means of] possible account hacking, checking IP bans, or sharing [accounts]. Emails are also only for admins at the moment.

So admins have the ability to see emails/IPs or only during the case of checking for logs?

Admins see emails whenever in case of need[ing] to contact or look into. IPs will likely be encrypted unless an action is needed with it. Then it will be available to be viewed by admins only.

Are there features in place to make it hard for people to log onto multiple accounts at one time?

Not at the moment, maybe in the future.

Is there a filter preventing use of swearing, harassment, etc.?

Yes. [The filter] will continue to be improved but yes.

Do moderators have direct connection to the game’s database or is it only admins?

Only the administrators.

Note that some portions of Hash’s answers were edited to make for a cohesive interview. I decided to make my own account to see the private server and one of the first things I noticed was the amount of swearing. Currently, there appears to be no real filter stopping people from using variations of swear words. The lack of encryption also leaves one desiring more safety features put in place. As we continue to get further and further from the day of the Rewritten shutdown, it is very likely more private servers will continue to pop up. Remember that if you are going to be playing on private servers that you use a fake email for registration and (if necessary) log onto a VPN. My hope is that if we continue to advocate and have an open conversation about player safety, more private servers will adopt features that Club Penguin Army Battleground already have in place.

Keep those snowballs coming,


ACP Guardian

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