[AUSIA] Friday the 13th Monsters Unleashed!

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

ICE BREAKER, New Territory – When scheduling events for this week, Seb and I realized that Friday is actually the infamous Friday the 13th! In celebration, we dressed up as our favorite monsters (or just in black) during our battle with our allies. Once again, the AUSIA division continues to surprise me with their attentive skills during a battle. Trigger warning, spooky costumes ahead.

Max: 14

Note that Blaizze is in ACP and can be seen in uniform in a majority of the pictures.

Shoutout to BobuxmanACP for having the scariest monster costume, earning himself an exclusive role on our Discord server. As I predicted last week, there was a change in our standings for this week’s Mchappy Podium. Drum roll, please…







I guess we’ll all just have to attend next week to see who will clutch the third place spot. What are some of your favorite iconic monsters? Comment below.

Keep those snowballs coming,


ACP Guardian

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