[UK] Wipe Practice

ASCENT, ‘Wipe Practice’ , Yoo Hello ACP, how Y’all doing? Today we logged onto 1-bar server Ascent for a Wipe Practice, we started at Town doing some warm-ups and then we headed to the Snow Forts, doing some wipes and formations along the way, we reached a maximum size of 21 troops, thanks for everyone that could attend, make sure to take a look at the event pictures from the event today!

MAX : 21

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[US] Stanley Cup

ASCENT, “Stanley Cup”: Hello ACP! Yesterday the US division logged onto CPRewritten for our Stanley Cup event! We started by getting our hockey outfits ready and doing warm-ups in the Town. After that, we moved to the Iceberg where we executed our tactics and forms really organized. During this event, we reached a maximum size of 22 hockey players!

Maximum size-22

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