[AUSIA] A Day in the Toy Shop

ASCENT, ‘Toy Shop’– Hey there ACP! Here we are with another AUSIA post!! ACP logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten, we went into Town and did an amazing job with tactics and formations. After that, we went to the Ice Berg where we did some fun formations and were on point with tactics. After we were finished, we went to play a fun game of Hydro Hopper to see who was the best! Hope everyone had a good time and comment down below if you came!

Max Size: 15

Don’t forget that we have one more event tonight coming up at 8 PM EST. React in #events if you can come, you won’t want to miss out!


ACP 4ic Moderator

One Response

  1. Couldn’t find my overalls. I have too many items lmao.

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