[AUSIA] PB with the BDK

Marshmallow “PB with Bose DK”– Hello ACP! Today the AUSIA division logged onto Marshmallow for an exciting practice battle with the Bose DK. We started from snow forts, and then headed to the docks, following by inside mine! Most of the tactics were for fun purposes and not to offend anyone. We reached a max of 11 penguins and enjoyed the event! If you didn’t understand the tactics, scroll further down since there will be event pics followed by translation.

Max- 11

Chappal means sandal/slipper
chutney is a side dish in India which is made in many different variety
aunt artic is an inside joke,, bewafa means disloyal to a lover
As I mentioned earlier, it isn’t to offend anyone ❤

Thank you to those who attended! I hope this post helped in understanding today’s tactics, I apologize if you didn’t understand but feel free to DM me with the ones you didn’t, I’ll be happy to help!


ACP General

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  1. DJ Max came in clutch

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