[US] Clover’s Dance With Ducks

CRYSTAL, “Dancing Ducks” – Hi ACP! Today the US Division logged onto Crystal for our Dancing Ducks event. We started off by getting the Pink Inflatable Duck, after we’ve gotten our pink duck we went to Iceberg, Docks and Stadium. We ended off the event with a sled racing competition. We reached a maximum size of 14 Troops from the Clover Empire! We all had fun together during the event while in our pink floatie. Everyone did great doing the tactics and formations. Make sure to check out the pictures from today’s event!

Maximum size – 14

That’s all for today, thank you to whoever attended this event, I hope you enjoyed it just as much as I did! Don’t forget to comment below if you attended! Make sure to check out and react in #events for our event tomorrow!


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