CPRewritten: Fruit Unlock Code Roundup

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Missed some of the twelve fruit unlock codes? Today, we’ll give you the full list as well as explaining how to obtain them all!


To redeem the gift, you need to access the play page like you normally would. Instead of clicking the login button, you need to click the icon with the coin in the top right. You will be given the option to login to your account as usual.

Once logged on, the game will load the code redemption interface. To obtain your free gift, simply type the code into the box and click redeem.

Code #1 is zw8fbLoUx and it unlocks the Strawberry Costume.

Code #2 is 8vvtGLpmA and it unlocks the Kiwi Costume.

Code #3 is XJDGwb2iF and it unlocks the Green Grapes Costume.

Code #4 is jVUA1kNAK and it unlocks the Watermelon Costume.

Code #5 is tUxbPOVXd and it unlocks the Orange Costume.

Code #6 is gR3LLeUhh and it unlocks the Pineapple Costume.

Code #7 is qD1TeTtP1 and it unlocks the Apple Costume.

Code #8 is XmsY27uqb and it unlocks the Raspberry Costume.

Code #9 is aqm0tgB4K and it unlocks the Grape Bunch Costume.

Code #10 is 5zqwJu1sO and it unlocks the Fruit Frenzy background.

Code #11 is iepCkKrT2 and it unlocks the Orange Citrus Hoodie.

Code #12 is WXxGnWjdD and it unlocks the Strawberry Sunglasses.

These codes will only last for a short time so be sure to use them while you have the chance!

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

ACP Co-ordinator & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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