[AUSIA] Clover Defenders clash with Civillians

CRYSTAL, “Chaos Clash: Civilian Hunting” – Today the Clover empire has decided to log on Club Penguin Rewritten for some tactic training along with stamp collecting! Training started off strong with a result of 30 penguins in attendance, ready to begin training with their fun emotes and tactics. Following the training, the defenders decided to help Civillians on the island so they can collect their stamps! After searching for a lucky penguin civillian, the defenders clash into their igloos and begin to party! Towards the end, the Defenders celebrate their wonderful accomplishments by going out to the Pizza Parlor and grabbing a slice! Unexpectedly, some fun chaos also began in the Pizza Parlor due to the defenders and civilians throwing their food at eachother! Take a look at the lovely pictures that was taken from the event earlier…

Max Size: 30

Wonderful event clover defenders, be sure you can attend the next event we have coming up! Later on Saturday, we will be giving a farewell to two of our beloved staff members, be sure to attend for this special event as well!

Comment down below if you attended this event!


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  1. I attended!


  3. thank u

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