[JULY 2021] Comment for Promotion!

Deserve a promotion for your work in July 2021? Comment below!

Discord Tag:

CPR name:

Current Rank:

Activity level (from a scale of 1 to 10 – be honest!):

Why do you deserve a promotion?

8 Responses

  1. Absolutely not asgasjgagiawghioawgiawigawhigabuigawbugap

  2. God#6344



    8 to 9

    I believe I deserve a promotion due to the fact. I am very active in the discord and CPR events, all though I don’t attend every single one I attend most. I had also attended in most battles in clover conquest. Unfortunately I had to miss the last one because, I had to go on a walk with my mom. Anyways the reasons above are why I believe I should be promoted and should be taken in consideration!

  3. Manik#7719



    7 or 8?

    I think I deserve a promotion because I’ve attended as many events as I could (I had to miss a few due to classes). And I’ve also tried my best to increase my engagement in the community discord as well as open up to and get to know fellow members. I know I’m far from being an ideal recruit, but I promise to strive towards improving as much as I can along the way.
    I’ve joined the community exactly 1 month and 1 day ago. And I feel like we’ve come a far way since then. It would be an amazing opportunity and I would honored to shoulder more responsibility for our army.
    The given reasons are why I think I should be promoted! I hope you take this into consideration and thank you for the opportunity!

  4. x Abudy x#5378


    Captain ( i haven’t got my promo yet )


    I haven’t been attending much events but i deserve a promotion cause i always keep track of whats happening and i am very active on the server , and when i recruit i always remind people of the event and guide them to ACP , thats why i should be promotedd bye! agjHSJKhakjHJDHSJHKAHDJHKADKADHK!!`1!!!!!1

  5. I feel like I wasn’t as active as last month, but I still tried to spend some time on events. I’ve also chatted a WHOLE lot than I expected. ACP is the only server I’ve actually had fun in. Luv y’all!!!

    • Also, discord username is ~BlueMaster~#6155. CPR user is APersonUvU. My rank is Sergeant. 1-10, I’d say maybe 5.

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