[AUS] Clover Defenders take part in the Olympic Games

Zipline, “The Olympic Games– Hey, ACP! Today, the Clover Penguins’ AUS Division logged onto the server Zipline for our own Olympic Games consisting of three competitions: running, cycling, and  Following tactics at Town, a race took place where penguins ran from the Beach to the Cove with Stevos, Roxy, and Chek getting gold, silver, and bronze respectively. Next, we went to the Inside Mine for a cycling competition which resulted in Stevos, Daniel, and Max being the top three. For the last event of the Olympics, we went to the Docks for the last event with Belencita, Chek, and Nyoooooom coming out on top of the competition. With Stevos winning 2 out of the 3 events, he was declared the champion of the Olympic Games. Congrats to Stevos for winning and thank you to everyone who came!

MAX: 39

Maximum size picture:


ACP Field General



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  1. I came!

  2. I was there!!!

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