[AUSIA] Army of Club Penguin Mops Until it Cannot Mop any Further

ASCENT, “Mission: Clean the Island” – Hi ACP! Today, Club Penguin Rewritten was joined by our AUSIA Division as they logged on for our Mission: Clean the Island event. We equipped out Mop and Bucket items and then toured the island, led by Commander in Chiefs CSY and Cubster. We concluded the event by visiting a number of members’ igloos to help them with their housekeeping!

Max: 29

Max Pic #1

Max Pic #2

Thank you everyone who attended! And well done to anyone who got a promotion today! React in our events channel if you can attend our US event later!

ACP Co-ordinator

7 Responses

  1. I attended!

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  3. I attended!

  4. I came :kek:

  5. I attended!!

  6. i came

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