[US] Clovers Fly Back to the Future With a Takeover

ASCENT, “Mission: Back to the Future” – Hello ACP! Yesterday, the Clover Penguin’s US Division logged onto CPRewritten for our Mission: Back to the Future. We all dressed like we were a part of the future which was pretty fun. Once the event was over, we decided to host a Jet Pack Adventure, and shoutout to Calgocubs for winning with the highest score. We reached a maximum size of 29 penguins. Another shoutout to those who attended!

MAX: 29

Make sure to react in #★events★ if you can attend our upcoming events this week, and don’t forget to comment on this post if you attended!


ACP Lieutenant General

4 Responses

  1. I attended! Loved this theme.

  2. Great event – jesus1_4

  3. Managed to make it to this event. Was a lot of fun!

  4. i camee

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