[US] Templars Suffer Devastating Defeat to Clover Defenders in Battle for Snow Fort

Hola, ACP Soldiers!

On June 16th, the Army of Club Penguin faced off against the Templars in the battle for Ascent, as part of the Project: Conquest tournament. The ACP sadly suffered a devastating defeat in this battle, which resulted in the loss of the server. Today, June 22nd, the Templars once again tried to attack our pride by invading Snow Fort during US hours, same time as the first invasion. After a week of incredible effort, the ACP logged on, and crushed the Templars with a score of 3-0. Thank you to Max, Daniel and Kailey for leading this battle and our troops for attending, we were able to take sweet revenge from them.  We rise from this, ACP :EL:

Max: 47


Thank you once again to everyone who attended! What a fight!

Check out the #★events★ and #★★clover-conquest★★ over at our Discord server and REACT if you can attend our upcoming events and battles!


ACP General

4 Responses

  1. lets gooo acp

  2. Amazing job today! I came

  3. I was there! GREAT job today, everybody! If we do just as well as, if not better than, we did today, we’ll have a shot at the P:C crown! Let’s get those dubs!

  4. Was there!

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