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BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Last week saw the beginning of the new, unique CPAHQ tournament called Project: Conquest. The Army of Club Penguin and many other Club Penguin armies have risen up to accept the challenges presented by Project: Conquest, but what exactly is happening in this tournament?

Why is Project: Conquest so different from every other tournament in the history of Club Penguin armies?

In previous Club Penguin army tournaments, armies were pitted against one another on a battle bracket similar to the ones used by sports tournaments; the armies that lost a battle were eliminated, while the ones that won their battle moved on to the next round to battle one of the other winning armies from the previous round. This continued until only two armies remained, and these two armies would battle head to head in the final round and the victor of the final round was crowned victor of the tournament.

FoF Semifinals v Ice Warriors

The Army of Club Penguin battling the Ice Warriors in the Fright or Fight semifinals on October 25th, 2020.

However, Project: Conquest is all about conquering the most land over the course of 4-5 weeks. At the start of the tournament, each of the participating armies were given 5 pieces of land. The participants’ objective is to invade and conquer as much land controlled by the other armies as they can, as well as defend their own territory from invading armies. Should an army fail to invade another army’s land or defend one of their own pieces of land, that army will not be eliminated; rather, they will continue their push to conquer as much territory as possible. Whichever army has the most land at the end of the tournament will win.

PC Map

The current Project: Conquest territory map, as of June 20th, 2021.

Why does ACP need to win Project: Conquest?

We, the ACP, are going for the Project: Conquest crown because it has been over a year since we won the 2019 Holiday Championships, the last tournament we emerged victorious from. This is our time to rise up and defy the stereotypes set before us as the “underdogs” of the Club Penguin army community. We must prove once again that although we are kind and welcoming to all, we are far from weak.

When are the next Project: Conquest battles?

This week, we’ll be fighting a total of 4 battles, as shown by the graphic below:

PC Schedule

  • On Monday, June 21st at 12 PM EST, we’ll be invading Doritos territory in Dorito Demolition.
  • At 7 PM EST on Tuesday, June 22nd, we will be challenging the Templars to a rematch following last week’s defeat in The Revenge.
  • Red Redemptionduring which we’ll defend our land against the Red Ravagers, will take place on Thursday, June 24th at 9 PM EST.
  • Finally, we will take on Templars once again on Friday, June 25th at 9 AM EST and invade their territory in the Eastern Crusade.

Be sure to react in #clover-conquest on the ACP Discord server to confirm your attendance to these battles! We need EVERYONE if we’re gonna win Project: Conquest!

Enjoy some memes to help motivate you!

PC Meme 1

Made by ShadowSaint

PC Meme 2

Made by Leila

PC Meme 3

Made by Leila

PC Meme 4

Made by Leila

What do YOU think? Are you excited for Project: Conquest? Let us know down in the comments below!

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