Comrade Clash: Kailey and Tia

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Welcome back to the latest edition of the newest Friday column, Comrade Clash, this time featuring Field Marshal Kailey and Supervisor Tia! What do they know about each other?

Kailey first joined the Army of CP as a CP Rewritten recruit, eventually joining the Higher Command in April of 2019. On the other hand, Tia first joined the army community with the Ice Warriors, later joining the Elites before settling down in the Army of CP. But how well do they know each other?

To find out more, I reached out to both Kailey and Tia for an interview regarding their comrade.

How did you first meet each other and what was your first impression?

Kailey: I first met Tia in elites. I was in the server talking to other elite members and she came in as well. We were basically complaining about covid and in person school at 6 am for me :sob: . When I first met her she was honestly really relatable and I thought she was a cool person.

Tia: When i joined ACP she was the first person to welcome me with all the mod requirements and stuff and she was really nice to me since i didnt really know anyone in ACP she made me feel really welcome.

What are two words you would use to describe each other and why?

Kailey: Kind and Caring. She’s always been kind and caring to new troops and anyone she meets. She always there for people on good or bad days :lavenderwiggle~2:

Tia: Funny because her random VCs of her up at 2am always make me laugh and caring because shes been there for me a lot

What is one fun memory you’ve had with each other?

Kailey: Well everything we do together is fun and chaotic. My favourite memory is probably our vcs and the one time we all watched netflix together. It was pretty chaotic but hilarious.

Tia: OOH, fooling everyone on April fools when we had the same username but we switched tags and had the same profile picture. We were also the same rank at the time so it made it even better :rofl:

If you had a day off to spend with each other, what would you want to do?

Kailey: Honestly if I saw anyone from CPA I’d run for my life so no offense Tia :dead: but if it was online then I’d love to spend a chaotic day and be a clown with her all day :mo:

Tia: For one she’d be scared to even meet someone in cpa :sob: butt i dont know we’d probably do some dumb stuff im not really sure XD

It seems that Kailey and Tia are really close, having good first impressions of each other and going on to become great friends. But who knows the other better? And which two comrades will battle it out in next week’s edition?

What do YOU think? Which comrade knows the other better? Let us know in the comment section down below!


ACP Lieutenant General & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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  1. Great column Cara!

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