Comrade Clash: Fusion and Quinn

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Welcome back to our latest edition of Comrade Clash, this time featuring Field General Fusion and Corps General Quinn! What do they have to say about each other?

Fusion has had much experience within the army community, first joining in December of 2019 as a part of the Most Wanted army. He then went on to join Mayhem in late January and the Doritos after before joining the Ice Warriors in late March. Fusion then joined the Pirates for a bit before returning to the Ice Warriors and becoming a leader of their colony, Coup Crusaders, in July. He then transferred to the Dark Warriors before returning to the Ice Warriors yet again. Eventually, in February, Fusion left the Ice Warriors for the final time and joined the Army of CP as a Lieutenant General.

Meanwhile, Quinn has experienced an army history very similar to Fusion’s. She first joined the Most Wanted army in 2019 after being recruited by Fusion, later joining the Doritos afterwards. After leaving the army in March, Quinn joined the Ice Warriors along with Fusion, later joining the Pirates for a short time due to internal problems. Additionally, Quinn also led the Hold Bugs Army, another colony of the Ice Warriors. After leaving the Ice Warriors in March of 2021, Quinn joined the Army of CP as a Major General.

Having gone through many armies together, how well do Fusion and Quinn know each other? To find out more, I reached out to both of them for a quick interview.

What was your first impression of each other?

Fusion: My first impression of Quinn is the same impression I have to this day: someone who’s reliable, smart, and someone who will be there when I need them

Quinn: well when I first met fusion I was super shy, he was one of the first people on CPO to actually want to talk to me, and to add me on discord! The night we met was our first VC as well, and he was super funny and easy to talk to! And to this day I can go to him for just about anything, he’s been a super loyal friend for the past almost two years!

What is one of your favorite memories you’ve had with each other?

Fusion: There’s so many to choose from, but if I had to pick one I’d for sure pick one of the times I called her at 2am bc I was… well.. I was really hyper and we just talked with our friends for so many hours and played some games. One of the most fun memories I’ve had with Quinn in a long time even though there’s a few I don’t remember at all.

Quinn: my favorite memories of fusion are definitely the late night VCs when he’s uh, Yknow…. had a night on the town to say the least! He always has the funniest stories after a night out :egp_hehe: I also can’t forget all the times we’ve played Skribblio together and bullied eachothers art skills >:) oh! And the CPO awards show party….that was a time to say the least

Fusion’s drawing of Mickey Mouse

Fusion’s drawing of Dumbo

What is one word you would use to describe each other?

Fusion: Sugarbread

Quinn: Vape

Do you think Fusion did a good job recruiting Quinn?

Fusion: Yes I’m the best, I recruited many of cpas most known figures including but not limited to: Quinn, pizza gang, and fishey lord

Quinn: He came up to me and was like “hey you got a discord or nah?”

It seems that Fusion and Quinn have shared many fun moments and much army experience, with Fusion even recruiting Quinn! These two comrades are definitely close ones, but who knows the other better? And which comrades will we see next week?

What do YOU think? Which comrade knows the other better? Let us know in the comment section down below!


ACP Lieutenant General & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

2 Responses

  1. Fantastic column, Cara!

  2. awww didnt know fusion recruited quinn

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