[UK/US] ACPSIS: The Broken Bot – Results!

Hey ACP!

Today the UK and US Division sent their best agents out to continue their mission of fixing the broken clovers bot! After getting ready for the mission at the Town, we then headed over to the Mine Shack where Max informed us that to help Shab fix the bot we needed to collectively earn a score of 7000 on cart surfer. After many attempts we managed to achieve 7104 and Shab helped us to fix the bot! However, the SeeClovers command is still mysteriously broken…

Max: 38

Thank you to everyone who logged on to help us earn the cart surfer points and fix the bot! Make sure to react in #events and #battle-schedule if you can come to our events this weekend!
Comment below if you attended!
Well done ACP!

Master General

4 Responses

  1. awesome job acp 😀

  2. fun event ❤

  3. Was there!

  4. I came!!

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