[UK/US] Mission: ACPSIS Agents Assemble Results

Hey ACP! Today we logged on to Ascent for our ACP Secret Intelligence Services: Agents Assemble event! At this event, we were able to achieve a max of 55 troops! Our lovely Field Marshall and Head Agent, Max led this event with some amazing Spy Themed Tactics, as well as a Secret Meeting for those of us that were in attendance.

Max: 55

Thanks to everyone that was able to make it to this fun and exciting event! Be sure to tune in to our Break Day Events tomorrow, and stay tuned for our upcoming battle this weekend!

Missed this grand opening of our theme week? No worries! First Lieutenant Cat7770 has got you covered with their video recording of the entire event!

Clovers, Clovers All Over


ACP Field General

4 Responses

  1. Super amazing event!! i came 😀

  2. Great event! I attended 😮

  3. I was there! What a way to kick off our spy-themed week!

  4. Agents assemble!

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