Dilemma Decisions: Kyle and Pungu

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Welcome back to the latest edition of Dilemma Decisions where we present two people with a dilemma and see how they respond. This week we’ll be asking Kyle and Pungu the following question:

How would you react if you discovered a fellow soldier was spying for another army?

Lieutenant General Kyle joined the Army of Club Penguin in December of last year, just a few days before the Flash Nemesis War against the Special Weapons and Tactics. He is also an advisor to the Golden Troops, but what advice will he give for this situation? Kyle responded to the question with the following statement:

Okay so like if I saw this happening I’d immediately message them with the evidence provided and ask them what’s up and why they thought this would be a good idea. While doing this I’d let the Leaders/hcom/staff know of the situation and ask for the best way to handle this situation. I’d probably get their channel access stripped for the time being until things are sorted and take the necessary precautions to make sure no one else is doing the same

Colonel Pungu joined on July 24th of last year. He ranked up to Major General before eventually retiring. He rejoined for the March Madness tournament for the rank of Colonel, answering the Call to Arms. With much time having been spent in the army, how much wisdom has he gained? Pungu’s response to the dilemma was as follows:

by fellow soldier I’d assume you meant a friend, so at first I’d go to a Hcom member and tell them a good, detailed report on the situation i’ve proposed, why I believe it, and the evidence I had. After that, I’d end up asking them “Why? Why do this?”, especially if they were a good friend. I’d assume it would break trust with them and the higher team, and probably ruin their overall CPA employability.

While they both may not share the same rank or time in the army, both Kyle and Pungu certainly do share the same response to the dilemma. They would act responsibly by notifying Higher Command members immediately and then ask the accused why they did what they did. Who will be presented with a dilemma next, and what dilemma will they be presented with?

What do YOU think? How would you have responded to this situation? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments down below!


ACP Colonel & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

2 Responses

  1. Good work Action! just in time 😉

  2. Love this!

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