CPRewritten: 9 Million Code Roundup

BLIZZARD. Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – The past week has seen a total of 10 codes be released on Club Penguin Rewritten! Knowing that they’ve been pretty difficult to keep track of, here’s a roundup of all of them, with the items they unlock!


Club Penguin Rewritten announced earlier this week that to celebrate 9 million users, they would release a code every day for nine days. The end of the week also saw the addition of a 10th!

How to Redeem

To redeem the gifts, you need to access the play page like you normally would. Instead of clicking the login button, you need to click the icon with the coin in the top right. You will be given the option to login to your account as usual.

Once logged on, the game will load the code redemption interface. To obtain your free gift, simply type the code into the box and click redeem.


Day 1: iJQT3C5aG unlocks the Gold Jet Pack

Day 2: N72dXvnJz unlocks the Hawaiian Lei

Day 3: hB9ar4Wu7 unlocks the Acid Guitar

Day 4: ustjAMs8H unlocks the Keytar

Day 5: NXD7WqECh unlocks the Red Hard Hat

Day 6: q7yXfo7YU unlocks the Golden Laptop

Day 7: i8GmE4A5e unlocks the Black Diva Shades

Day 8: ZaBpMQMoK unlocks the Ski Goggles

Day 9: vo5Xbkjra unlocks the Golden Shiny Shoes

Bonus: uMhPXWwvJ unlocks the A Day At The Beach Background

These codes will only last for a short time so be sure to use them while you have the chance!

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

ACP Moderator & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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