Comrade Clash: Frog and Pungu

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Welcome back to the latest edition of Comrade Clash, this time featuring Moderator Frog and Colonel Pungu. How well do they know each other?

Frog first joined the Army of CP in July of 2020, later joining the staff team in February of this year. Pungu also joined the Clover Defenders in July, becoming a moderator in October before retiring a couple months later.

To find out more about how well they knew each other, I reached out to both Frog and Pungu for an exclusive interview.

What was your first impression of each other?

Frog: The earliest interaction I remember having with Pungu was back in October when he was an ACPTR officer and he did a few mini Pungu lessons after ACPTR sessions – I remember some of the advice and tips that he gave us was super super helpful. So, I suppose, he just struck me as someone who had a lot of useful experience and advice to give and he wasn’t afraid to help others with it.

Pungu: In the September ACPTR I believe, a troop named Frog was there (I was a mod by then) and, honestly, I thought he was about 5 years old? Lots of personality, and eager to learn

yeah he isn’t 5 I’ve come to find out

This was when I was still doing motivational speakings and he seemed to listen so we became friends once I came back from my 4 month break in December, Frog was still there, and it turns out we’re interested in many of the same things

How would you describe each other?

Frog: Now, having obviously spoken to Pungu a lot more, I would say that I would still describe him as someone who is not afraid to answer questions and give advice if you ever need it. He’s also quite open and honest talking about things that other people might not be comfortable discussing with others like regrets he has of events that have happened in the past which, again, he uses almost as a wait to teach you how to handle certain situations.

Pungu: Well I’d describe Frog as some crazy intelligent guy whos completely overqualified to be in a Club Penguin Army

Since you two claim to be each other a lot, who is the real Pungu and Frog?

Frog: So this is an interesting question. The confusion that people may or may not have over this is thanks to Mr CSY who first suggested that me and Fro- I mean Pungu might be the same person. Since then, he has heard both me and Pungu talk to each other in a voice channel and can confirm we are not the same person :eyes: To answer your original question though, Pungu is Frog and Frog is Pun- wait

Pungu: Well I’m frog, and Frog is Pungu

Or so we’re told.

Not even we are sure

What is one of your favorite moments you’ve had with each other?

Frog: I would have to say that one of my favourite memories was when Pungu DMed me after he had a couple months away from armies – I think when he left, all of us, including Pungu, didn’t expect him to come back but he was the one person from armies that I still had buddied on my main CPRewritten account in the hope that he would return one day and I was super happy when he just DMed me out of the blue :rofl:

Pungu: When I came back to ACP a few weeks ago, CSY told me to get in VC with Frog, so I did, and we sound almost identical! We spent a few hours trolling people and it was really good fun

It seems that Frog and Pungu both know each other quite well, having met each other almost half a year ago. But who knows the other better? And which two will be battling in next week’s edition?

What do YOU think? Which comrade knows the other better? Let us know in the comment section down below!


ACP Lieutenant General & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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  1. I really love this column! Great post Caramel ❤

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