Undercover Recruit: How well did YOU do? 

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BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters, ACPSIS Offices – Earlier today, temporary Commander-in-Chief Max went undercover as a new recruit to test the current staff team. How well did they get on?! Who passed the test and who’s head is going on the chopping block!?

The Undercover Recruit, a fan favourite and the ultimate test of the staff members ability to welcome and engage with our newest Army of CP members. Armed with my new alias, ‘Emmaaa‘, and complete with a new anime e-girl profile picture, I was ready to contact several members of the ACP Higher Command, moderating staff and even soldiers. How would they get on when engaging with a new recruit? Would they see through my act? Let’s find out.

The first person I came into conversation with was Lieutenant General Henry, with my new recruit asking her to explain how the army worked and what was expected from me as a new member. Henry’s responses were very helpful and informative, although perhaps lacking in extra detail. I particularly liked how she encouraged me to attend tomorrow’s 5pm EST battle, providing an easy Discord channel link for me to see all the important information. Well done, Henry!

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Moving on, I tried my luck with General Gugspugs – questioning her on what the ACP clover currency was and how it could be earned. As expected, Tia responded really well. She was friendly, articulate and said all the right things regarding information. When questioned about Roblox, Tia did well to encourage me to take part in future break day events. Awesome stuff, Gugspugs. 

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Keen to speak with some of the ACP soldiers, I contacted former staff member and current Colonel Marquis. Known for his short but sweet responses, he didn’t disappoint. “Log on servers” did make me chuckle, but don’t forget to follow up with some more information and links to the channels that feature our upcoming events. A little more detail next time Marquis, but good effort nonetheless.

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Moving on to Field General Aurora, I was very happy to see her answer all the questions I put to her and even provide links and images to help me really understand the way the clover system operated. This was awesome to see. Try to have more confidence in your knowledge and ability though! Great result, Aurora! 

Speaking to Tina, another Colonel and future staff-hopeful, again saw some very impressive responses. Tina encouraged Emmaaa to check out the ACP Minecraft server, and even provided the correct server information when asked. For improvement, keep chatting to our newest faces and ask if they’ve checked out our latest event schedule. Excellent job, Tina!

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General Chicken was also a great help – responding to all my questions regarding the uniform. All the information was there, but could have been presented in a more professional way to really make it simple for the recruit to understand! Excellent call on getting a moderator to log on and help me find the uniform items too.

Next up, one of my absolute favourites. I spoke with Lieutenant General Caramel, telling her I was very confused and needed to know what the ACP was & what I was supposed to do. Caramel responded immediately, providing me with plenty of information and doing so in a very friendly way. Top marks, Caramel. 

Keen to speak with a newer soldier of the army to see how they would get on, I contacted Master Sergeant TaterTrocks to test him on his welcoming abilities. I was very proud to see him treating new recruit Emmaaa with a lot of respect and providing plenty of great information. Just try to be more specific when asked about our upcoming events. Very impressed, Tater – well done!

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Another fantastic conversation took place with our Brigadier General MazeX, who gave up plenty of time to talk with me. He offered all of the correct information and even offered to log on CP Rewritten to help find the ACP uniform. Great initiative and very impressive, Maze!

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To finish, I spoke with Lieutenant General ZoomXT, another of our staff members that passed the test with flying colors. Not only did Zoom provide plenty of key information in a friendly way, he also provided a battle video for the new recruit to watch, and finished by answering all of my further questions with exquisite detail. Top marks, Zoom!

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Overall, I am really proud of the welcoming efforts from all those that were lucky enough to get a direct message from our newest recruit, Emmaaa. I of course could not feature all of the responses in this post, but a special shoutout to Zelly, Daniel and Sophie who didn’t quite make the article cut. Until the next time, this is undercover troop Max Emmaaa signing out!

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


ACP Temporary Commander-in-Chief & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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  1. I knew something was off XD

  2. Sus

  3. Haha this experiment was really good! Amazing post ^^

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