Time Capsule: The Trial of the Triumvirate

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – The days of the ACP Triumvirate may be some of the darkest in our history, but there is certainly a lot to learn.

The Triumvirate leadership placed Flipmoo, Jerry and Sercan at the head of the Army of CP hierarchy. It was named such as the three leaders each handled a single division of the ACP – Jerry the USA division, Sercan the UK and Flipmoo, AUSIA. Sercan and Jerry’s promotions into the top-dog position came straight off the back of Cassius Brutus’ removal, and offered the army a new hope and direction. It was noted, in particular, how weak the ACP USA division had become in comparison to previous months and years.

This new power-threesome was the breath of fresh air that the army needed, with a boost in size and morale occurring almost overnight. A new average of 40 penguins was witnessed consistently at events, with many new innovative initiatives being introduced to the army. Organisation and recruiting were made a focus and the results were clear: the ACP was once again rising.

Their first act was to rewrite the Nachos treaty, setting the tone for a leadership that intended to restore its reputation as a loyal ally and a respected adversary. But little did those on the outside know, more sinister actions were occurring out of sight.

The Trial of the Triumvirate

Within 9 days of the triumvirates establishment, war had been declared on the Dark Warriors, and with it an offensive named Operation: Flash. The war would not last long, as the Dark Warriors surrendered after a string of battles and ACP victories. The following week, the recently revived Hot Sauce Army declared war on the ACP and were the next to fall at the Clover Defenders feet. This war was very short and concluded after the HSA were disqualified from a CP Army Central tournament, losing to the ACP.

That same day, Jerry announced the ACP would re-enter war once more. This time, they would turn on their former brother allies, the Army Republic. This led to a World War between the Nations of Domination and New Regime Alliance. The NRA’s sole goal, like so many alliances before it: to destroy the ACP. Again, the ACP were victorious and the NRA surrendered.

April 4th, however, mood within the ranks shifted as Jerry announced spontaneously he would be retiring the following day. The final triumvirate event was a defence of the ACP birth server, Mammoth, from the Special Weapons and Tactics. A strong showing of soldiers was witnessed and the ACP were victorious.

Within days of Jerry’s sudden departure, claims and evidence of Jerry & Sercan multi-logging and editing event pictures hit the front page of the CP Army Central website. A website post entitled “Sorry, everyone.” was issued by Sercan soon after. He admitted to his crime in the following statement:

Yes, I was one of the people that edited pictures. I edited pictures quite a long time ago. However, I NEVER edited pictures by adding penguins. Yeah, I have sometimes added a couple of emotes to make the picture good looking, and I admit everything about that.

The next day, Jerry issued his own response in a website post labelled “The Circumstances“. He admitted:

I tried everything. Weeks after Cas was overthrown, the US division still hadn’t found stability. We could barely hit 15. Troops were quitting, high ranked soldiers were giving up and even I started to feel demoralized. Drastic measures had to be taken, so I turned to multilogging.

On April 11th, Sercan too announced his retirement from the ACP, following his friend and former colleague Jerry. Despite stating his retirement was due to school commitments and not because of the exposé article, many believe this was a cover-up.

Following the departure of Jerry and Sercan, Bigmail was promoted to the role of leader and was challenged with the role of reviving a broken USA division. As for the UK force, former leader Kingfunks4 was brought in as an ‘interim’ leader while working with the UK Higher Command members. ACP Veteran Splasher99 released a moving post on the ACP website that aimed to settle the fears and worries of many soldiers at the time, promising real change and a return to the ACPs strong sense of moral compass.

The tale of the first ACP Triumvirate saw the army’s integrity compromised in the worst possible way. Surrounded with scandal and cheating, the ACP’s future looked bleak. But we survived. From the ashes of this leadership, the loyal soldiers and staff rose to rebuild the army. And the rest, as they say, was history.

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ACP Temporary Commander-in-Chief & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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