Tips and Tricks From An Army of CP Soldier

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Major Pungu shares his top tips for the Army of Club Penguin soldiers, and speaks to members of the Higher Command to establish what a “good ACP soldier” really is. 

Hello Clovers, I’m Pungu – a former moderator of the Army of CP and current Major. I served as staff from August to December and am now back for the exciting March Madness tournament. I’ll be sharing some my shamrock wisdom with you new recruits and existing soldiers. 

Discord Tips and Tricks!

These may seem a little obvious, but there’s no harm having a little refresh of the correct clover etiquette on our Discord channel! Be sure to always listen to the moderators and other staff members, as they’re here to keep you safe and well. Please accept people of all backgrounds – we are a multi-diverse community with people from all walks of life. It is vital we respect one another! Finally, be wary of spamming messages – as an ex mod, it gets people’s nerves and will result in a warning. 

Event Tips and Tricks!

I’m sure you’ve had a leader say the classic: “SpLIT YEr ScreEn SoLdUer”, or to “WaYk Up TRooP”. Now in my journey to become a staff member, I faced that a LOT. Make sure you’re alert in all events, and stay for the ENTIRE TIME! It can be hard, I know. I’ve got the attention span of a goldfish, but it will help you to rank up quickly in the army. Another good tip is, of course, stay calm. Treat the opposition with respect. Don’t misbehave. You know – the usual! They may be the “enemy” at the time, but whoever we battle we must treat with respect. We are all in the same boat and one of us must lose. Even if we DO lose, we tried our best. Don’t be a sore loser about it!

Accuracy and speed. Two of the most important things in penguin warfare. Attend as many training events as you can, and you’ll learn the true value of these virtues. But of course, a soldier at events isn’t enough. A good soldier is also respectful and a team player. Someone who listens to commands, but responds to anger with righteous indignation. To find out more about what makes a good solider, I decided to ask several members of the leadership and higher command:

CSY, ACP Leader

When it comes down to it, it’s about the spirit. The spirit of never backing down, of striving to be the very best, and to defend you brothers even when things look grim. Green together, family forever is far more than just a statement – but a spirit that unites us all.

2funky3, ACP Field Marshal

Loyal, hardworking, understanding, funny, knowledge, adaptable emotions, passionate, team player and most importantly, understanding how to combine these to learn to be their own individual member of the team, and to look to strive to the top of the great Army of Club Penguin.

Cubster, ACP Field Marshal

A good soldier to me is someone who strives to do their best when doing things. Doing things such as helping others and supporting the army, creating a friendly and fun environment for everyone to enjoy whilst being enthusiastic ^-^

Shane, ACP General

A good soldier will always be ready to show the best work they have, giving almost no excuses for anything. They must also have a helping hand for any of his troops or teammates, and are always looking forward to help with anything in the army. To me, a good soldier must also have great pride for their army. They must show AND be proud for what army they’re apart of. Showing great pride for your army gives off a perfect image of what a good soldier is in my opinion.

Shane, ACP General

I think all of it can be summed up in two words – loyalty & dedication. A loyal soldier who will be in the army through both the peaks as well as the lowest points is valuable, since the army knows they can be always be one to count on. Dedication is a vital aspect of a good soldier; a soldier who’s willing to put in as much effort as possible, able to persevere through all odds and continue to give constant work towards the army will without any doubt get their reward.

Back in October 2020, the Army of CP battled in the CP Army Hub’s Fright or Fight tournament. We won every round up until the grand finals. We lost it, but I didn’t get sad. I shrugged it off, and just knew we’d do better next time! We’re going to see that pay off soon, with the next round of March Madness taking place this weekend, and the grand finals the following Saturday after that!

Finally, always look after yourself. This is a huge one, and really personal to me. In December, I became very sick. I couldn’t carry on with my position in the ACP – and that’s fine. Be kind to your head, you’ve only got the one, and it’s for the long haul. If you need to take a break, listen to your heart. Spend time with your friends, loved ones, pets or whoever, because they’re really proud of everything you do. You bring a smile to their faces. If you keep going, keep going for them. Talk to people. Let people know how you are.

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


ACP Major & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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