[AUSIA] WRFT: Leadership – Results!

Hello there ACP!

Today our AUSIA division logged on Ascent, for another exciting We Rise From This event! The event started with our Commander in Chief, CSY, leading. It then it turned into a mod training event where Wassim23 and Spotty took the lead, practicing our formations, tactics, and movements for the tournament coming up Saturday. To finish up the event, we had a quick & fun troop-lead. We reached the size of 37 soldiers online! Great job everybody!

Max: 37

Thank you for everyone who came to the event! Reminder to check out #march-madness and #events and come to our next events! Make sure to leave a comment if you came to the event. Well done everyone! #WRFT


3 Responses

  1. Well done ACP AUS!

  2. Nice job AUSIA division!

  3. Great job! The troop-lead was amazing ❤

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