Battle Brilliance: Tia and Shane

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Welcome back to another weekly issue of the Battle Brilliance column, where we ask your favorite staff members what their favorite battles have been. This week we ask two of our Generals, Tia and Shane. What has their best loved battle been?

General Shane joined the Army of Club Penguin on September 27th, 2020 as a colonel. He showed great dedication to the army and soon became a staff member. After a few months of hard work, on March 7th of this year, he was promoted to General. In all this time, what has his most memorable battle been?

It would take me a little to think of a really good answer for this one. However, one division battle does come to mind we’ve had before. It was a 3 way battle between Army Republic (Echo), Nachos (Alpha) and the Pizza Federation. That division battle brought back a lot of nostalgia and it was such a great idea! Both armies will forever be remembered and so will this battle.

General Tia, or Gugspugs, also joined the Army of CP in September 2020, after the shutdown of the Elites. She displayed extreme loyalty and was quickly promoted to the rank of General. In her time in the army, which battle has been the dearest to her?

It would probably be the battle against IW in FOF. The hype was lit and I was VC leading with Rob and it was really fun and we were all so relieved when we won 🙂

Both these battles are dear to our generals and for all the right reasons. To Shane, it meant the most due to the amount of nostalgia it brought, while to Tia it was an amazing experience thanks to the hype surrounding the battle and her role in VC leading. Both these battles will be remembered by generations to come. Who will be featured in the next issue of this column? 

What do YOU think? Let us know in the comment section below.


ACP Colonel and Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

4 Responses

  1. Great work Action!

    And two fantastic picks, Shane and Tia!!

  2. Nice post action!! very interesting choice shane! such a forgotten branch battle 😦 it was for cubby’s birthday too! and i completely agree with tia, that battle was insane

  3. These choices are really good! Amazing post Action ❤

  4. Love to hear the thoughts of our amazing Generals! Great post Action!

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